How to Tag someone On Facebook Comment

How To Tag Someone On Facebook Comment: Facebook tags provide your buddies a heads up when you're stating them in a blog post on the social networking website. Utilize the tags include to discuss who you're with right now, include good friends in an article concerning future strategies or simply tease someone in a remark. Whenever you tag a good friend, Facebook notifies her; the whole blog post in which she is tagged likewise appears on her Facebook wall.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook Comment.

Step 1.

Click the "Create a remark ..." area at the base of any kind of Facebook blog post to which you have benefits to comment. You are permitted to talk about your personal blog posts and posts on pages of your validated pals.

Step 2.

Type the "@" icon and also the initial couple of letters of the name of the individual to be identified.

Action 3.

Select your friend from the list that Facebook immediately produces based on the letters you keyed in. Click a friend's name when to choose her.

Tip 4.

Repeat Action 2 and Action 3 for each and every individual you desire to identify. Normal text could additionally be put prior to and also after each tag.

Step 5.

Hit the "Get in" trick to publish the remark.

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Involvement is essential to the success of your organisation's Facebook page. Marking people in your page remarks, which adds a connect to their accounts and a tale entrance on their Timelines, adds an individual dimension to these efforts and aids engender a greater sense of area around your page. Facebook pages don't have buddies, so you cannot mark people as your page, yet by logging in to your personal account, you could mark your Facebook buddies in web page remarks.

Action 1.

Log in to a Facebook account as well as most likely to your company's page.

Step 2.

Inspect that the bar at the top of the page reads "You are publishing, commenting, and also liking as [your personal name]" If the text uses your business name as opposed to your personal name, click the "Change to [your personal name] link to the right of the message.

Step 3.

Click in the message field listed below the blog post on which you intend to comment and also kind "@" followed by the name of the person you intend to tag.

Step 4.

Click on the account of the individual you want to mark when it appears below the message box. This creates the tag for that individual.

Step 5.

Continue typing "@" followed by a Facebook buddy's name to mark even more people in the remark.