How to Delete My Phone Number On Facebook

When you opened your Facebook account, you were asked to supply your contact number to obtain a verification code to finish your enrollment process as well as you did. However unfortunately, that telephone number is being secured of Facebook by any individual as well as every person, calling you. At times, people you were preventing on Facebook determine to call you as well as it makes you troubled. The bright side is that you could get rid of that phone number from Facebook as well as return your comfort. Quickly, we will certainly be showing you How To Delete My Phone Number On Facebook.

How To Delete My Phone Number On Facebook.

On Your Facebook Application:

1. Click the menu button at the leading right-hand man of the Facebook page.

2. Scroll down and also touch on "Account setups".

3. Faucet on "General".

4. Faucet on "Phone".

5. Tap on "Eliminate from your account" (under "Present phone numbers").

6. You will be asked if you ensure the elimination procedure, enter your password after that you touch on "Eliminate phone".

On Your Browser:

1. Click in the top right edge of Facebook.

2. On the drop down menu, click "Settings".

3. On the left hand side of the display, click "Mobile".

4. You will certainly be asked if you make sure you wish to eliminate the phone number, click "Eliminate phone".

5. Enter your password and also click "Send".