Merge Pages Facebook

Merge Pages Facebook: After rebranding as well as combining 2 Facebook Pages, others asked me exactly how I did it. Facebook changes constantly, but I did this a while back, and these are the steps I took. I hope you find it valuable.

Merge Pages Facebook.

A few years ago I began assuming long-term concerning my online goals. After blogging, composing an e-book (recommendation web link), meddling other projects and dreaming regarding originalities, I chose to rebrand.

I wished to create one Facebook Web page where I can do every little thing instead of different Pages for every job.

I understood among the biggest obstacles of a rebrand would certainly be changing my Facebook Web page from "Blogging with Amy" to Amy Lynn Andrews. I'll simply claim, Facebook doesn't make this type of point extremely simple.

Reasons to merge Facebook Pages.

This situation is not mine alone. Many others have intended to merge their Facebook Pages. Below are a few of the factors an online publisher may intend to do it. They:.

* Landed a book deal and also required a writer web page, and really did not want it to be buried in their main blog.

* Started other jobs that didn't have anything to do with their major blog or website.

* Seemed like their main blog had actually run its training course, or they had wearied.

* Came to be thinking about brand-new as well as different topics they wanted to discover.

* Handled extremely expert roles and their domain name really did not depict the expertise they preferred.

* Recognized their site name really did not precisely describe the kinds of viewers they were attracting or intended to attract.

* Were remorseful they really did not put a lot more thought right into their name when they started.

The quickest ways to joined Facebook Pages.

These alternatives are fast as well as worth a try to start. Unfortunately, these options aren't always straightforward as I'll explain soon.

Rapid Choice 1: Adhere to Facebook's guidelines on their help page below.

Quick Choice 2: Know a person in Facebook that can press your request via.

Rapid Choice 3: Andrea stated she lately rebranded and also was able to obtain her Facebook Page name altered by providing lawful paperwork.

Just how I combined my Facebook Pages.

At the time I was merging my Pages, none of the above options worked for me. So, I needed to do it the slow-moving method, definition, I had to navigate my way with a bunch of concerns which I have actually defined listed below.

I wish my procedure will aid you determine just what your choices are.

Points you ought to understand about merging Pages on Facebook.

Initially, allow's review some points that are excellent to know. Where ideal, I have actually consisted of the way these factors affected my own process.

1. Your Page name is different than your Page username and also can only be altered when. The username is just what gets consisted of in the LINK. For instance, in my Page's URL (, the "AmyLynnAndrews" is my username. You may just transform your username when and also you could just transform it if the username you desire is available (certainly). Below's how you can alter your Facebook Page username.

In my instance, I had currently declared the username AmyLynnAndrews despite the fact that I had not been truly using it. The upshot was, I couldn't just go into my BloggingWithAmy account as well as attempt to change to AmyLynnAndrews. Naturally it was me that currently had it, but experiencing the actions to transform my username just resulted in "that name is already taken." That's the method it goes I guess. By the way, usernames are not transferrable.

2. It's vague whether you can delete a Web page and afterwards reclaim the username on another Page. Do this at your very own risk!

I thought this may be my service. I could delete my ALA Page, therefore launching the username and also making it readily available, appropriate? After that I would utilize my one-time username modification alternative on my BWA Web page as well as pick the (currently cost-free) ALA username. It sounded like a plan, yet then I got worried about allowing it go. Exactly what would certainly happen if I couldn't reclaim it for one reason or another? I figured it was unlikely that the username would certainly be available immediately. And also then I read something suggesting Facebook does not launch previously made use of usernames (although I cannot find the link currently-- argh). Ultimately, I didn't wish to risk it.

Update: Janel stated she did this as well as it took 30 days for the name to be launched. (Thanks, Janel!).

3. You could not have the ability to transform your Page name quickly as soon as if you have a specific number of Likes. At one time, just Pages with less than 200 Likes had the ability to transform their Page name. It's unclear if this is still the case. This is how to alter your Facebook Web page name.

At the time, I had more than 200 Likes on my BWA Page so this wasn't an alternative for me. Besides, changing the Web page name still wouldn't alter my Web page's LINK from to as well as I truly wanted the last.

4. When you merge two Pages, the smaller one will be soaked up right into the bigger one. You can not do it the various other means around.

Update 1/29/2014: It appears like this might have changed, yet it's not exactly defined. I suggest offering it a try.

For me, I had almost 6000 Suches as on BWA and practically none on ALA so this was out.

5. You will lose all information, pictures, updates, etc. on the Page that vanishes. Ensure you download and install all the details you desire to keep.

6. You can only merge two Pages that "represent the exact same point as well as have similar names." So, if you have two Pages sharing significantly different info, it's skeptical you'll be able to merge them.

This was one danger for me. I wasn't certain just what was implied by "represent the same thing" as well as I didn't recognize how similar the Page names should be in order to be qualified for combining. I was wishing the "Amy" sufficed.

7. Sidenote: If you have a personal Account, you could transform it right into a Web page. This could be an option for some. Below's how you can convert your personal profile to a Web page.

In my instance, it was a hard phone call.

Ultimately, because none of the options over benefited me, I chose to begin building my ALA Web page from square one.

I should tell you, it was TOUGH going from practically 6000 Suches as on my BWA Page to nearly zero on my ALA Page. Yet, I figured, far better to do it quicker compared to later. A great deal of this on-line publishing things is nearly perseverance anyway.

So, I practically begun over. I began developing my brand-new Web page much like I did the various other. Slow and also stable is just how it's done, that's all I could inform you.

Here are several of the practical points I did to speed up the process, several of which are just good, old-fashioned "just how to build your Facebook Page" pointers:.

1. I aimed to publish valuable information. I was keenly mindful of my Facebook Insights (Facebook statistics) as well as exactly what readers were reacting to.

2. I did my finest to communicate in the comments.

3. I installed an "I've moved" cover photo on my BWA Page.

4. I began sharing the blog posts I was placing on my ALA Page on my BWA Web page. I did this after remembering the bit about the Pages needed to have the same information (see # 6 above),.

5. I asked BWA followers to move. Occasionally I would state on my Blog writing with Amy Web page that I moved and also I asked individuals to follow me there instead.

6. Then I started informing them the best ways to relocate. I uploaded particular instructions about just how they can move with me in condition updates like this:.

Wondering where my updates are? My Page has transferred to Amy Lynn Andrews. <-- Hover and also click Like to follow me there!

Many did. Gradually the numbers begun to expand.

Finally, after several months, my Sorts on Amy Lynn Andrews overtook my Sorts on Blogging with Amy.

7. I requested my Pages to be combined. At this moment, I submitted the Request to Combine Pages form again. I was a little cynical due to the fact that the choices discussed on their Do It Yourself combine Pages directions weren't revealing up for me therefore I asked yourself if that was an indication I wasn't qualified.

But much to my surprise, a couple of days after completing the form, bam! BWA was gone as well as I all of a sudden had a couple extra thousand Likes on my Amy Lynn Andrews Page since the unique Likes on BWA were absorbed right into ALA. Yay!

Best of luck!