How to Close Your Facebook Account Temporarily

How To Close Your Facebook Account Temporarily: There are various reasons you could want to entirely obliterate your Facebook account.

For this circumstance let's just state you made a decision to go "Kerouac on everybody" and need to remove your digital identification ASAP.

Although Facebook prevents you to delete your facebook account completely, they do give the option, although a little bit buried.

How To Close Your Facebook Account Temporarily.

Action 1: Backup all of your data

First off, it's time to backup all articles, videos and images.

Click the "down arrowhead" in the upper right-hand corner

Go to 'Setups'.

Generally Account Settings, Click 'download and install a duplicate of all your Facebook information', download archive.

Step 2: Deactivate your account.

Click the "down arrow" in the top right-hand edge, account setups, click safety on the left food selection, after that click deactivate your account.

You'll also be asked to give a reason that you're leaving.

Now all your Facebook information will be de-indexed however will be able to be easily restored.

Action 3: Erase your Facebook account.

Click on the "lock" symbol in the top right-hand corner, click the "magnifying glass" symbol and then search for "erase".

Click the result near all-time low that claims "How do i completely delete my account". Currently scroll down till you see the "Let us recognize" web link. Click the remove my account. Place in your password, send captcha. Hit OK. That's it.

Below is the link to permanently erase your facebook account:

Personal privacy & various other points to think about when deleting your account:.

1. Do other sites and also applications use your Facebook account to login and verify you?

2. Do companies, property managers or colleges rely upon social media profiles to screen you?

3. Have various other web sites scratched content from your Facebook account and also published details about you around the web?

4. Do you end up being a social derelict? Is it weird to NOT to have Facebook in this day and also age?