How Do I View My Videos On Facebook

How Do I View My Videos On Facebook: Facebook allows you to publish and share videos, similar to images. Posting video clips instead of simply photos could help divide your company from and also share even more details compared to those that publish only photos. While Facebook allows you to share a video when you submit it, discovering your videos later on gives you the options of re-sharing, liking or modifying them in different methods. Your video clips don't have an unique place, as they're grouped with your photos. Whether you have a Facebook page or an individual profile, you'll locate the video clips in the same location.

How Do I View My Videos On Facebook.

1. Click the "Photos" link under your cover image near the top of your timeline page. Click "Video clips" in the leading left edge, alongside the Your Albums going. The Your Videos area includes videos you've uploaded to Facebook.

2. Click a video clip to open it in a viewing window and also view it. This brand-new home windows additionally shows the video clip's likes and also comments. Mouse over the lower ideal edge of the video area to see the Options, Share and also Like switches.

3. Click the tiny "X" in the video clip window's top ideal corner to close the video when you're finished.


Click "Options" in the video window to modify, embed or erase the video clip from Facebook.

Much more pointers.

If you have actually shed the videos that you have actually published to Facebook, never are afraid. They're still there. Facebook determined to relocate them, that's all. They likewise got rid of the Video clip tab on your profile. Here's the best ways to reach your videos. However we cannot get the category back, just the location of your Facebook video clips.

1. Most likely to your very own timeline. You obtain there by clicking your name at the top of any Facebook page.

2. Look for the word Pictures. Click it.

3. When your photo page opens, seek words Albums. Click.

4. On the cd page, Videos is the first cd. Amazing huh?

5. Now that you've found them, exactly what can you do making them more visible? Absolutely nothing. Here's why. This is a checklist of exactly what you can hide and also unhide from your account page. Unfortunately there is no separate setup for videos.

That's it. Now you could share several of them or, even better, tell your friends exactly how to locate their video clips by sharing this post! We would certainly appreciate it.