Who Is Stalking Me on Facebook 2017

Who Is Stalking Me on Facebook 2017, If you were to state you have never ever questioned who's been taking a look at your Facebook page, you 'd be lying. We're all thinking about individuals who have been looking for us and snapping through our profile images.

And although apps that declare to inform you who's been on your profile exist, they seemingly do not work - which is why you're here, checking out a post entitled: 'The best way to understand who's been stalking you on Facebook.'

Who Is Stalking Me on Facebook 2017?

Who Is Stalking Me on Facebook 2017

The response? Facebook's expensive brand-new function, which shares a unique similarity with Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories.

Yep, Facebook Stories exists - a function on the Facebook app that permits you to submit pictures and videos for a 24-hour duration, and see which of your pals have seen them, and which particular bits they have seen.
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OKAY OK, so this isn't really an accurate method to find out who's been on your profile and exactly what they've been taking a look at, however, it will practically undoubtedly discover some long lost 'buddies' (Tom from Year 8 mathematics class, anybody?), who are still thinking about exactly what you're doing every day.

Who Is Stalking Me on Facebook 2017, Individuals on Twitter aren't encouraged about the entire thing though, calling Facebook out for 'copying' Instagram and Snapchat stories, with a single person writing: "Facebook stories aren't and will never be a thing," and another including: "Snapchat stories made good sense. Instagram stories I neglect. However, Facebook stories are where I fix a limit.".