Logout Of Facebook

Logout Of Facebook - A variety of individuals asked us exactly what they must perform to be logged out of Facebook Messenger. Some might wish to log back in with a various account, or didn't like the experience. In any case, simply follow the actions listed below and you'll be on your escape.

Actions to log out of Facebook Messenger app

Logout Of Facebook

Action # 1: Head on to the settings menu.

Action # 2: Scroll down to search for "Apps" alternative and tap on it.

Action # 3: Now, you can observe the list of all the apps set up on your gadget. Scroll down to discover "Messenger."

Keep in mind: If you have Google's Messenger app set up, search for the icon to determine the right application.

Action # 4: Tap on the preferred app (i.e., Facebook Messenger).

Logout Of Facebook
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Action # 5: Visit the storage menu as displayed in the image above.

Action # 6: You must now observe two alternatives-- "CLEAR DATA" and "CLEAR CACHE." Simply click "CLEAR DATA." And, you have effectively logged out from the Facebook Messenger app.

Much shorter Option: Actions to log out of Facebook Messenger

Logout Of Facebook

Action # 1: Tap and hold the Facebook Messenger's app icon on the home screen or right from the app drawer. Drag the icon close to the "Edit" alternative or "Information" alternative. If you observe the "details" alternative rather "Modify," you can avoid the next action.

Action # 2: In this case, we have "Action Launcher 3 Plus" set up. So, we need to tap on the" i" icon as displayed in the image above.

Action # 3: Now, you can head on to the storage menu and after that click "CLEAR DATA" simply as you did when browsing through the settings in the previous area.

Lastly, Logout Of Facebook, you have logged out of Facebook messenger. Nevertheless, if you are visited the Facebook app, you can log into the Facebook messenger once again by simply a single tap. On the off opportunity, if you are not utilizing the Facebook app on your Android gadget, you will be requested for your qualifications when you open the Facebook messenger next time.

Were you able to effectively log out of Facebook messenger? Do you choose the concept of having a different messenger app or do you desire Facebook to incorporate the messaging performance in one single app? Let us understand your ideas in the remarks area listed below.