How to Send a Message on Facebook Without Others Seeing It

Facebook is developed to assist you to share as much as possible with your pals, so if you're sending out a message that you wish to keep personal, it is essential to inspect that you're sharing it with just the designated receivers. How to Send a Message on Facebook Without Others Seeing It.

Along with the one-to-one personal discussions, you can make over Facebook Chat and the Messages system; you can likewise manage the audience for messages published to your timeline or the timelines of others.

How to Send a Message on Facebook Without Others Seeing It

Sending out a Personal Message

1. Visit Facebook and click the "Messages" link. Select "New Message."

2. Begin typing the name of the individual to whom you want to send out a message. When the right name appears, click it to verify the designated recipient. If you wish to send out a message to more than someone, include other buddies in the same method.

3. Click inside the "Compose a message" box and compose your message. You can connect any files and pictures utilizing the links beneath the primary input field.

4. Click the "Send out" button when the message is all set to go. The message is contributed to your existing discussions with the good friend or group of good friends you have selected.
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Publishing Independently to your Timeline

1. Visit Facebook and click inside the "Update Status" box. Type out the message you 'd like your picked pals to be able to see.

2. Utilize the tag, area and image buttons beneath the text box if you want to include individuals, locations or photos to the upgrade.

3. Open the audience selector drop-down menu (by the "Post" button) and select "Custom-made" from the list.

4. Select "Particular Individuals or Lists" from the very first drop-down menu, and go into the names of the good friends you wish to have the ability to see the post. When the right name screens, click it.

5. Select "Conserve Modifications" to validate the post's audience then click "Post" to release the upgrade to your timeline. Just the picked pals will have the ability to see it on your timeline and in their news feeds.


  • Facebook Chat and Facebook Messages operate in tandem and share the same discussion history, so you can choose a pal from the chat list and type a message in the pop-up window as an option to going through the Messages screen.
  • Sending out a personal message works for prolonged one-to-one discussions kept personal from your other pals. Publishing an upgrade to your timeline with a restricted audience is preferable if you desire a record of the message on your timeline page. You can likewise publish messages on the timelines of others. However, you can not manage the audience of these posts.


If you add a brand-new message to an existing discussion on the Messages screen, make certain to examine the list of receivers (at the top of the thread) to make sure the message is being sent out just to individuals you desire. How to Send a Message on Facebook Without Others Seeing It.