How to I See Who Is Following Me on Facebook

So there is a post walking around Facebook stating the following:

Naturally found out something brand-new from a pal's page. How to I See Who Is Following Me on Facebook, If you go to account settings, obstructing, block users, and enter "following me," without the quotes, you may be shocked simply who is following you. More than 20 individuals on it and I had no hint who they were. They are obstructed now.

I needed to block them one at a time, I do not believe there is a method to do everything simultaneously, and 95% of them were middle eastern nations which I understand nobody there. Inform everybody you understand !!! Scary. Didn't acknowledge any and might hardly read/pronounce numerous ...( copied from a pal) Please examine yours.

How to I See Who Is Following Me on Facebook.

How to I See Who Is Following Me on Facebook

This is simply not how it works. If you utilize the search bar in the page explained above, you are just looking for individuals who have "follow" or "me" in their name. Do not think it? Attempt looking for "Following You" ... you'll see individuals with the letters "you" in their name.

I'm unsure exactly what the point of this false information would be, however only felt confident there isn't an army of individuals you do not know following your every digital relocation. Well, there most likely are. However, they aren't on that list!

If you are worried about keeping individuals you have no idea of your Facebook page, have a look at this page on the Facebook and website. Here's the essence:
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See Who's Following You.

How to I See Who Is Following Me on Facebook, If you have enabled individuals to support you, you can see a list of your fans by going to your profile, clicking Pals listed below your cover picture and after that clicking Fans. If you do not have any fans, you will not see this choice.

Keep in mind: If you let individuals who aren't your pals follow you, people who send out good friend demands that you disregard or erase will instantly begin following you. If you do not desire somebody to follow you, you can obstruct them at any time.