How to Change Name on Facebook Page

Do you have to alter your Facebook Page call? Have you been having a problem discovering the how you set about changing your Facebook Page name or URL?

Well not worry, I'll reveal you the best ways to precise ways to get this accomplished (even if it appears like you cannot get it done). How to Change Name on Facebook Page.

Initially, there are 2 locations that you can "call" your Page. One is the name that appears on your Timeline which appears beside every post in the News Feed.

Altering Your Page Call.

You might have selected a name without understanding how this was going to appear. If your Page is brand-new or if you have less than 200 Likes, you can quickly modify your Page name by accessing your Standard Details in your Page Control panel.

How to Change Name on Facebook Page

Then you go to your Standard Information, and you can quickly Modify your name.

How to Change Name on Facebook Page

However, if you are re-branding or you just wish to change your Page name, and you have more than 200 Likes you might have the chance to modify one time. I state "might" because this alternative often does not appear even if you have not altered your Page name at some point in the past.

How to Change Name on Facebook Page, You might see a Demand Modification link beside your Call as revealed here.

How to Change Name on Facebook Page
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If you do not see that Demand Modification link, you are going to need to go to Facebook Aid. Facebook Assistance is in some cases extremely hard to obtain any action from. It will be simpler to get your name altered if you have a re-brand with a picture of your site or logo design to reveal your rebranding details.

I suggest sending your demand in 2 locations. The very first one is the Aid kind for Pages here:

How to Change Name on Facebook Page

How to Change Name on Facebook Page, I discovered having a screenshot assists to reveal your brand-new branding so that Facebook can see that you have made a modification.

The 2nd location I advise sending a demand is to Facebook Advertisements Assist. Ideally, you are utilizing Facebook Advertisements from time to time to construct your Page, and you most likely do not wish to market your Page if the branding isn't consistent with your site.

The Advertisements location appears to be a bit more responsive to modifications when you inform them that you cannot invest anymore loan with them up until your Facebook Page name is altered (just do this if you are intending on running an advertising campaign). Send your demand here: (The kind listed below looks a bit various because it's older, however, is the same concept).

How to Change Name on Facebook Page

We did this when we altered our Page, and it took about a week to obtain it done. However, you might have to send your demand some times if you do not hear back after a week or two. Hope those tips assist! (Please keep in mind, I can not aid with Page Call Modifications-- you need to go through Facebook to obtain your Page name altered).

Altering Your Page URL or Site Address.

The other thing you can change (however it often is difficult) is your Facebook Page URL. Your URL is the straightforward and brief web address (like

If you have not set your Username yet, do that today-- it makes it a lot easier to inform individuals about your Page. However, Take Care-- this is harder to obtain altered. When you set it, the URL is made and cannot be "launched" even if you erase the Page.

It cannot have any areas in between the letter, and I do not suggest putting things like durations or highlights in between the words. Then when you set it, capitalize the very first letter of each word. Even if somebody enters the URL without the upper case, it will still go to the best location.

How to Change Name on Facebook Page

If you have currently set your URL and have to rebrand, you can often ask for a one-time modification as revealed before.

How to Change Name on Facebook Page
How to Change Name on Facebook Page, If you do not have this ability, you will need to go through the very same procedure as overview above with Facebook Aid. I believe the URL is as huge an offer as ensuring you're you branding corresponds to your Facebook Page name. However, if your name has altered significantly, then you need to get that remedied.

Have you needed to alter your Page name in the past? How has it opted for you? Let me understand in the remarks (remember I cannot aid with real Facebook Modifications, you will have to go to Facebook straight for that.