Can You Visit Facebook Headquarters

Can You Visit Facebook Headquarters - I have no concept who these individuals are. When I browsed Wiki Commons for "Facebook," I got images of stunning landscapes in Bejing and images like this, none which made any sense whatsoever.

Is this a Facebook conspiracy? To erase pictures of itself on a public domain image repository? Is that an outrageous thing to state? Not if you saw the Facebook head office in Silicon Valley 2 weeks back, as I did. I'm here to inform you: Facebook is creep city. ( Likewise, I cannot login to my public page, so all these posts are going hidden unless you're a PaperGirl customer.

Could you drop a line to a fellow reader that I'm back and much better than ever when it pertains to typing? I'm aiming to get the issue repaired, however as Facebook appears to have no real customer care, this has been challenging.).

Can You Visit Facebook Headquarters

Among the stops on the roadway journey was Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley, as you might understand, is not a valley, simply an area in the Bay Location where for every single 9,000 start-ups there is one that makes it and the one that makes it makes billions of dollars, like Uber.

Facebook, too. Facebook's head offices remain in Silicon Valley, and my buddy and I believed it would be enjoyable to inspect it out. Facebook impacts our lives in substantial methods; why not see where they make the profiles of all those donuts? We, in fact, went to the Googleplex, initially and rode around the school on Google bikes up until somebody captured on that we weren't workers and we believed we 'd much better jam.
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Google was cool because we might bike around the school a little, however, unless you have a pal or relative to obtain you a visitor pass, you ought to most likely avoid a journey there. You cannot go anywhere you would truly desire to go, like Sergei Brin's helipad.

Then it was onto Facebook head office, and I'm here to inform you: never go there. Never go there not even if you cannot get in however because it's scary. The structure, to start with, is chillingly nondescript, all smooth walls and small windows.

Is it an independently financed medical lab that checks things (read: brains)? Possibly a Quantico's satellite structure? Perhaps it's where they make the huge red buttons folks press when they detonate the atomic bomb. Somebody needs to make those things.

Individuals were crushing about outdoors, snapping photos and typically blocking the pathway to the door when they got to the door, they reversed right away and obstructed their method back. Since nobody enters Facebook.

Nobody can get in the vestibule, so nobody can get in the lobby-- not even for the restroom, which I understand because I asked. I might've taken out the "I Cannot Wait" card I bring from the Crohn's & Colitis Structure that permits me to utilize a restroom anywhere (i.e., Space) if I have to. It's excellently enjoyable to enjoy a snide salesgirl go from, "Sorry, there are no public restrooms," to a worried, "Oh, sure, yeah, included me" change of mind.

Anyhow, Claus and I saw this "go to" was going no place, so we made our method past the security men to the parking area. I swear, there was a little fleet of camouflaged golf carts at the side of the structure where our cars and truck was.

Camouflage. Because Silicon Valley (and the Facebook school) has a great deal of timberline. Look, I understand Facebook and Google aren't there to captivate travelers; these are the business. However, the castle thing left a nasty taste in our mouths.

Can You Visit Facebook Headquarters, There will one day be a Facebook amusement park with a Zuckerberg Zipper rollercoaster and an I Like This Castle; when that takes place, the travelers can get their Facebook images on Facebook, something that would be so popular I marvel Facebook hasn't done it, yet. Up until then, I'm Mary Fons, reporting: Facebook is viewing you. However you cannot look.