Are Facebook Users Secretly Following You?

Are Facebook Users Secretly Following You? Guidelines discuss the best ways to obstruct Facebook users who are following you without your understanding FALSE....

In early January 2017 a report swept Facebook asserting that "Facebook security" individuals were being paid to view private accounts:

Inning accordance with that report, getting in the term "Facebook Security" into Facebook's "block users" field would expose a list of individuals whom the social media network had actually engaged to furtively monitor your activity, and each of whom needed to be separately obstructed by you to avoid them from spying on you:

Are Facebook Users Secretly Following You?

[D] id you understand there are individuals enjoying your Facebook account? Yes. There are individuals who have a particular task to monitor your posts and activity. While there are numerous Facebook tricks, for those who delight in personal privacy, this one is for you!

Are Facebook Users Secretly Following You?
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Here is exactly what you have to do to obstruct most of the accounts that monitor your Facebook:

1. > Log into Facebook

2. > Account Settings

3. > Click obstructing

4. > In the search field where it states "Block Users" key in: "Facebook Security."

5. > A brand-new window will appear. The list you see is a list of [more than likely] Facebook workers, spies, and personal accounts that are paid to shill for who understands who (sarcasm ( the type of)).

6. > Decrease the list, and if you do not like being kept track of, simply struck the "block button." A few of the accounts are not able to be obstructed. While this is rather troubling, you should keep in mind that Facebook owns whatever Facebook, so in essence, you "concurred" to be kept an eye on. (I understand. What ethical and sensible company has to employ individuals to monitor you? Right?).

Nevertheless, following these guidelines not does anything to discover or obstruct the (non-existent) Facebook security workers who are apparently monitoring your online activities. Getting in the term "Facebook Security" into "Block Users" search box merely returns "profiles of [users] who have utilized those specific words someplace on their profile [or] in a location that shows up to the specific, as in a public post.

" The list returned by this search neither consists of individuals who are furtively following you, nor individuals utilized to spy on you by Facebook security.

Are Facebook Users Secretly Following You? In September 2017, this report handled a somewhat brand-new kind (one which removed the paranoid recommendation to "Facebook security"):.

Once again, following these directions just produces a list of Facebook users with the string 'Me' someplace in their screen names or profiles, not a list of accounts of individuals who are covertly following you:.