What Does Limited Profile Mean On Facebook

Facebook permits you to get in touch with anyone you desire-- however it likewise provides you alternatives to restricting access to your info for those you have no idea or trust. Specifically, Facebook offers you the choice to show a restricted profile to particular users. What Does Limited Profile Mean On Facebook?

What Does Limited Profile Mean On Facebook

Restricted Profile.

Usually, your Facebook profile reveals your images and wall posts, details about your work and education, and a list of your interests, pastimes, and activities. When you configure your restricted profile, you can pick which of these you do and do not desire users you designate as being "restricted" to see. For instance, you may obstruct access to your contact details or your list of companies and schools to individuals who have no idea you extremely well.

Ways to Limitation Gain access to.

What Does Limited Profile Mean On Facebook? Facebook enables you to restrict gain access to when you befriend somebody. When you include someone as a good friend-- or, if he includes you, when you accept his demand--, click "Contribute to Note" and choose "Minimal Profile" to restrict him. Doing so will enable your buddy to gain access to just your minimal profile. You can alter this at a later date utilizing the "Personal Privacy" menu under the "Account" menu at the top of your Facebook page.
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Restricted Users.

Facebook users you designate as being restricted do not get any notice that they're just able to see your restricted profile-- and they will not have the ability to discover any indicator of this by searching your Facebook page, so you will not need to fret about them being angered. The only method a Facebook user can understand she sees a restricted profile is if she sees your profile through the account of somebody who isn't restricted or, indeed, if you inform her.


The Facebook "Chat" box appears at the bottom of the Facebook window and allows you to talk with other users in whole time. It's likewise possible to make usage of your restricted profile here. Specifically, you can set up Facebook Chat such that users who can see just your minimal profile do not appear in your list of online pals-- even if they're online-- and you will not look in theirs. What Does Limited Profile Mean On Facebook?

Click "Restricted Profile" under the "Pal Lists" tab within the Chat box then click the green and white bar beside "Minimal Profile" to "Go Offline" too good friends designated as being restricted.