How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger

A couple of years back, Facebook released its main app "Facebook for Android." It was excellent to have a native Facebook app readily available at Google Play Shop. How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger, As quickly as it got here, within a couple of days, it turned into one of the most downloaded apps for a legitimate factor (you understand that).

Individuals were blissful to have the Facebook app from which they can browse Facebook in a much better method and chat with good friends in an easier way. It was cool; Facebook released some updates to its native Android app to make Facebook for Android quicker, more safe and less memory grabbing all of the apps.

While doing this, they introduced Facebook Messenger which was supplying a far better method to talk with buddies. It was faster to talk; it has other things like chat sticker labels, Free Calls and a lot of brand-new functions focused on keeping Facebook individuals more engaged with their good friends.

How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger.

How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger

It is likewise cold; clingy people set up the app, however a couple of months back (more particularly in July), Facebook moved its messaging function entirely from Facebook for Android native app to Facebook Messenger. The message alerts are still appearing, however, if you attempt to see it, a screen appears, asking (requiring) you to set up the Facebook messenger. This was oppression. You cannot expect anybody to set up any app because of the method, right?

Anyways, the majority of the Facebook for Android users (with or without their approval) set up the app. Me too! However, you understand men; it is even worse. How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger, Yeah! It makes chat much faster, however, first of all, I do not talk much on Facebook and from whom I talk, those are significant discussions and second of all, I do not desire anybody's chat go to appear and interrupt/disturb/annoy me while I am doing other [crucial] thing on my smart device (like developing discussion, clicking pictures, playing video games, seeing motion pictures, and so on).

How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger

So, I chose to understand some workarounds to prevent Facebook Messenger and its associated issues. And, I developed a couple of going techniques. If like me, you men are likewise irritated by Facebook messenger and wishes to eliminate it then here I am sharing those workarounds that will assist you to manage Facebook chats/messages quickly without utilizing Facebook messenger. Even, the last workaround is informing a method to obtain Facebook chat back to Facebook for Android app. How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger.
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Workaround # 1-- The alternate approach.

The option technique to talk through Facebook is to gain access to Facebook from any of your smart device web internet browsers, and you can talk there, send out messages as well as files (pictures). However I understand, it's not a hassle-free one. Still, I discovered Dolphin Web browser for present Android Facebook in the much better method than other web internet browser. Even, you can only change to Dolphin web browser's Desktop mode, and Facebook will open to your smart device as if it is opening on the desktop.Try yourself.

How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger

Workaround # 2-- The Difficult One.

This technique is working for many individuals. If you still have not set up Facebook Messenger and Facebook for Android is keep asking to you to repair it whenever you attempt to see Facebook messages through the app, then this technique will work. At that screen, where the app is asking you to set up Facebook Messenger, tap "Get the app." When it reroutes you to Facebook Messanger screen, click Install and let the app download initially, however, do not let it end up the download, disrupt the downloading in the center by tapping X.

Now, Facebook for Android has been tricked. Go to Facebook for Android, and it will believe that you have set up Facebook Messenger so that you can see messages.

How to Use Facebook Chat Without Messenger

Workaround # 3-- Aggressive Technique.

Well, the vibrant approach is to return to old ages. No, no, I am not informing you to time-travel and reach stone ages. My significance is essential, uninstall Facebook for Android App and Facebook Messenger and set up an old variation o f Facebook for Android which does not have these frustrating functions.

Now, uninstall both Facebook Messenger and Facebook for Android and install this Facebook for Android variation which I have offered above. Check the Facebook app, and you'll have the older variety of Facebook for Android which had Facebook message/chat function provided.