How to Stop Getting Emails From Facebook

Facebook, by default, will send you an e-mail notice each time you get a brand-new message or remark from among your buddies. Alerts can likewise be set so that you get an e-mail at any time there is an activity associated with your page.

How to Stop Getting Emails From Facebook, If you are active on Facebook, the variety of day-to-day emails you get will be high and mainly unneeded as long as you visit your account a minimum of when a day. Stop getting unwanted e-mails from Facebook by altering your alert choices.

How to Stop Getting Emails From Facebook

How to Stop Getting Emails From Facebook.

1. Click the "Account" link situated in the leading right corner of any Facebook screen after your visit.

2. Click "Account Settings" in the menu that appears. Go to the "Notices" tab.
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3. Uncheck package beside each kind of alert in the "Email" column. If you wish to get no e-mails from Facebook or any of its applications, deselect all packages.

4. Click "Conserve Modifications" at the extreme bottom of the page when you're done.