How to See Your Blocked List on Facebook

Facebook keeps a record of every user you obstruct, allowing you to see at a glimpse which users can not call you in any method when utilizing the social networking site. Blocked users are not shown in alphabetical order, however rather in the order where you obstructed them, from newest to least. When seeing a list of blocked users, you can take just one action: unclogging that user. You can see the obstructed list when accessing Facebook from your PC's Web internet browser.

How to See Your Blocked List on Facebook.

How to See Your Blocked List on Facebook

1.Click the "Lock" icon at the top of any Facebook page and click the "How Do I Stop Somebody From Troubling Me?" area.

2.Click the "View All Blocked Users" connect to open the Blocked Individuals window to see all obstructed users.
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3.Click the "Unclog" button to the right of the user you wish to unclog.

4.Click "Verify" to unclog that user, letting that user as soon as again see your timeline and have consent to call you.

5.Click "Close" to close the Blocked Individuals window.

How to See Your Blocked List on Facebook, Facebook does not instantly include an unblocked user as a pal; you will have to buy hand add that user as a buddy once again if you want.