How to Search Your Facebook Timeline

Possibly you are trying to find something you published on Facebook a long time back? Scrolling through the Timeline to try to find a particular post can be discouraging, particularly if you cannot keep in mind precisely when you published it. How to Search Your Facebook Timeline.

Fortunately, you can make this job a lot simpler by browsing your Timeline.

Via Facebook Browse:

If you have Facebook open in an internet browser on your computer system or tablet, the Facebook Browse field will be shown at the top of the page. If you are utilizing Facebook using an internet browser on your cell phone, you might have to click the "Browse" icon on the leading menu to access the search center.

Facebook Browse permits you to look for individuals, Pages, and a host of other things. You can likewise utilize Facebook Browse to browse particularly for subjects that you (or among your good friends) has published about. How to Search Your Facebook Timeline.

For instance, if you get in "my posts about felines" into Facebook Browse, the expression "my posts about felines" will appear in a fall list of possible searches. Clicking the search phrase will show search engine result including any posts you have made that reference Feline:

How to Search Your Facebook Timeline

Additionally, you might utilize the search expression "<Your Name> felines" to obtain the same outcomes.
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Via Activity Log:

When utilizing Facebook using a web browser on your computer system, there is likewise a 2nd method to browse your Timeline and find posts. (If you are using Facebook using a smartphone web browser or app, the activity search function might not be offered).

On the ideal side of your Cover Image, you ought to see a "View Activity Log" button:

How to Search Your Facebook Timeline

Click this to obtain to your Activity Log.

How to Search Your Facebook Timeline, Near the leading right of your Activity Log, you must see an "Activity Browse" field. Simply get in several words about the subject you are searching for and strike "go into" or click the search icon. A list revealing posts which contain your search word or words will appear:

How to Search Your Facebook Timeline