How To Delete Notifications From Facebook

You can set up Facebook to send you notices for virtually every interaction you have on the platform, however, if you have allowed some notices, you can rapidly end up being swamped with messages from the website. Nevertheless, you can handle your Notices list from your primary profile page. How To Delete Notifications From Facebook, To eliminate a note from your Notices list, you should "unfollow" the alert. When you unfollow a particular note, you do not get messages when the alert's requirements are fulfilled.

How To Delete Notifications From Facebook

How To Delete Notifications From Facebook.

1.Visit your Facebook profile, then click the globe-shaped icon in the leading menu to open the Notifications panel. A list of your presently set up alerts screens; click "See All" to see all warnings.

2.Hover the cursor inside the entry for the signal to erase to show an "X" in the upper right corner and after that click the "X" to see a pop-up dialog box.

3.Click "Unfollow" in the pop-up to get rid of the notice from your Alerts list.
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  • There is no other way to erase notice messages you have currently seen. Facebook conserves all your warning messages, however, notes the most current messages at the top of the list.


  • Some important Facebook notices can not be eliminated. If you do not see the "X" when you hover over the Notice entry, the notice can not be erased.