How to Close a Facebook Group

A Facebook group page can be a useful tool for working together on company tasks and concepts. Subscription and material can be managed by a group admin, permitting a more real conversation. However, if the only admin leaves the team, nobody's left in charge. The team will stay on Facebook up until all members leave, at which point the group liquifies. How to Close a Facebook Group, If you wish to close the group, however, cannot get all the members to leave, you or another team member will need to declare admin duties.

How to Close a Facebook Group.

How to Close a Facebook Group

Select the "House" tab on your Facebook toolbar, then click the group name in the left panel. If you do not see the group noted, you will need to get a member to include you in the group. If subscription needs admin approval, the other member will initially need to finish the next action and end up being an admin.

Click the equipment icon near the top of the page, and after that choose "Make Me Admin." If another member is doing this action for you, she can now include you to the group and make you an admin. To make you an admin, she needs to choose the "About" tab, click the "equipment" icon under your name and after that choose "Make Admin."

Select the "About" tab on the group page to show all the members.
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Click the "equipment" icon under each member's name, and after that choose "Eliminate From Group." Repeat the procedure up until all the members are gotten rid of from the group. Remove yourself last. Otherwise, you'll be back to where you began. When you eliminate yourself, click the "Erase Group" button to close the group.


If you didn't produce the group from your Facebook account, you would not have the ability to erase it unless the developer left the group willingly.