Facebook Saved Videos

Mike wishes to conserve a video from Facebook. Facebook Saved Videos, Thankfully if you're utilizing a desktop or laptop computer PC, it's rather simple.

I can nearly hear you stating, "Hang on Josh-- when I enjoy a Facebook video on my PC there aren't any connect to wait!" Correct. However, all you need to do is deceive your internet browser into believing you're searching Facebook on your phone. Here are the actions:

Right-click any non-Youtube video and choose Program video URL.

Facebook Saved Videos.

Facebook Saved Videos

Copy this URL to your clipboard, then paste it into the web browser's address bar.

Strike Get into open this page.

Erase the 'www' in front of the URL and change it with the letter' so the links appear like this:

Facebook Saved Videos
Click to read more:
Strike Get in to open the mobile variation of the video and click Use the video. It needs to begin betting you on continuing to the last action.

Right-click the video and choose Save Video As ...

Facebook Saved Videos

Conserve the video to your PC, and now you can enjoy it utilizing your video games of option for MP4 files.