Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings

Here is a list of personal privacy settings you can alter to keep your info safe when networking on Facebook. Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings, When you sign up with a website like Facebook, you take the opportunity of letting your details cut loose. By changing your privacy settings, you'll discover that the Web can be a safe, and hugely enjoyable, location.

Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings

You have the ability to alter your profile info personal privacy settings, image, and video personal privacy settings, keep your details safe and secure and choose who can call you or see your profile and who cannot.

Start changing your Facebook personal privacy settings by going to the individual privacy settings page on your Facebook account page. Now you're all set to begin making your privacy settings more, or less, protected.

Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings.

Profile, Personal privacy Settings:

Go to: Personal privacy -> Profile -> Standard

Change who can see your profile info. You have four options; My Networks and Buddies, Buddies of Pals, Just Pals, or you can produce personalized settings. The parts of your profile you can alter personal privacy settings for here are:
  • Profile.
  • Fundamental Details.
  • Personal Information.
  • Status Updates.
  • Pictures Tagged of You.
  • Videos Tagged of You.
  • Pals.
  • Wall.
  • Education Details.
  • Work Details.

Images, Personal Privacy Settings

Go to: Personal privacy -> Profile -> Standard -> Edit Image Albums Personal Privacy Settings

Modify personal privacy settings for each image you have on your Facebook profile separately. Each single image can have it's own privacy settings altered independently. Decide to have everybody see your picture, just networks, and buddies, pals of pals, just friends or you can personalize your privacy settings for each image. Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings.
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Personal Info, Personal Privacy Settings

Go to: Personal privacy -> Profile -> Contact Details

Change who can see your more individual details. You might wish to alter this one today. These are things like:
  • IM Screen Call.
  • Smartphone Number.
  • Another Contact number.
  • Existing Address.
  • Your Site.
  • Your Email Addresses.

Searching For You, Personal Privacy Settings

Go to: Personal privacy -> Browse

These individual privacy settings will identify who can look for you and discover you on Facebook. If you leave the option to "anybody" then everybody can see you on Facebook. You can even decide to have your Facebook profile participated in an online search engine if you wish to be discovered.

Contact Info, Personal Privacy Settings.

Go to: Personal privacy -> Browse

Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings, When you desire your Facebook profile to be personal, then you have to alter a few of these individual privacy settings. They identify exactly what somebody can see when they stumble upon your Facebook profile, however, are not yet your good friends. They likewise make it, so non-friends can call you, or make so they cannot. These are the personal privacy settings you have under contact info:
  • See Your Photo.
  • Send You a Message.
  • Include You As a Buddy.
  • View Your Good Friend List.