Delete Facebook Account Link

You have two alternatives here: deactivate your account or erase it completely. Shutting down is the like deleting, other than that your information is maintained, however not noticeable up until you reactivate.

Delete Facebook Account Link.

Delete Facebook Account Link

To shut down:

  1. Visit your Account Settings.
  2. Pick "close account."
  3. Complete the type, and click "Deactivate My Account."

Find more info:

To erase:

  1. Check out the delete my account page and click send.
  2. Oops! I erased it! How can I get my account back?

Delete Facebook Account Link, If you erased your account, this could not be reversed. If you just deactivated it, merely login to your Facebook account once again, and Facebook will send you a verification e-mail to reactivate.