Basic Facebook Guide

Are you thinking about signing up with Facebook? Or are you brand-new to Facebook and are now looking at Facebook's homepage thinking: Exactly what the hell to I do now? Then this short article is simply exactly what you have to find out the essentials of Facebook. You'll be getting in touch with your buddies in no time.

Basic Facebook Guide.

The very first thing you'll most likely wish to do is publish a profile photo. You can do that quickly by clicking the link that appears when you hover your mouse over the area for your profile picture. When you have done that, you are all set to take on Facebook.

Basic Facebook Guide


The menu bar lies at the top of every page. It includes four products on the left side: House, Profile, Pals, and Inbox. Let's gone through each of these briefly.

By default, Facebook takes you to your Web page when you visit, so that's most likely where you are right now. It's where you will discover your good friends' activities, that is if you have good friends currently. Your Profile page is where you will find all your things on Facebook. It's likewise where you will discover your "wall," which is a Facebook term that you're going to be hearing a great deal of from now on.

Your Pals page is, naturally, where you will discover a list of your good friends and where you can look for other individuals who you want to be your pal. Your Inbox, well, I do not believe I have to inform you that it includes mail that you get or send out to the right friends.

Now that you understand that you can browse in between these pages utilizing the menu bar let's go over each page in information.

Your Web page.

Your web page has five significant elements: News Feed, Filters, Requests, Suggestions, and Emphasizes. (See figure listed below.).

Basic Facebook Guide

  • News Feed. Here you will see all your good friends' activities on Facebook. Wall posts, published pictures or videos, posted links, and so on. If you would like to know exactly what your buddies have depended on, this is the location to go.
  • Filters. You can develop filters so you can handle how you see your good friends activity on your homepage. You can do that as soon as you currently have numerous Facebook good friends.
  • Demands. Any request or invite that you get, such as pal requests and application invites, will appear here. (More on Facebook applications later on.) Clicking an invite offers you the alternative to Accept, Disregard, or Block.
  • Tips. Facebook recommends pals, groups or pages that it believes you might understand or have an interest in. It will appear in this area.
  • Emphasizes. This location reveals things like images your good friends have discussed, videos they have liked, and so on. It likewise includes links that allow you to "participate in the enjoyable" your good friends are having.

Your Profile Page.

Basic Facebook Guide, Your profile page is your very own "individual area" on Facebook. It is where your pals will discover your profile image or avatar, your good friend's list, applications widgets, and your tabs. By default, there are two tabs when you check in: Wall and Information. Later on, when you begin submitting pictures or videos, corresponding tabs will appear beside the Wall and Information tabs. (See figure listed below.).

Basic Facebook Guide

  • Wall. The wall is your primary "area" on Facebook. Similar to on a whole wall, you and your good friends (if you opt to let them do so) can "compose" on this wall by utilizing the Exactly what's on your mind? Box right listed below the tabs.
  • Information. The basic info you keyed in when you registered for Facebook can be discovered in your Details tab. You can include or get rid of information at any time.
  • Other Tabs. Extra tabs such as Photos, Videos, Boxes, Notes, and so on might appear when you have utilized these internal applications. As soon as you have published a profile photo, for instance, the Photos tab will currently show up.

Basic Facebook Guide

Your Pals Page.

Clicking Buddies in the menu bar takes you to a page where you can discover your other pals who may likewise be on Facebook. You can opt to see individuals through your e-mail address or just utilize the Look for Individuals alternative likewise in the Pals page. When you currently have some buddies, you can see all them by clicking All Buddies in the filter situated at the upper left corner of the page.

Your Inbox.

You can have a "discussion" with among your buddies by sending them mail. I state "have a discussion" because your replies are added to the initial message, and you can see the complete history of the deliberations in a single thread.

A circle with a number on it next to the word "Inbox" on your menu bar shows that you have brand-new mail, the number in the circle representing the variety of brand-new messages you got.


You can likewise talk with your pals through the Chat function on Facebook. You'll see the button for it on the lower ideal corner of the page. Clicking it raises a menu with buddies who are offered for talking. So exactly what's the distinction in between the inbox and chat? Chat discussions are lost when you sign from Facebook, mail in your inbox remains there up until you by hand erase it.

I must likewise point out that you can switch off chat if you do not seem like it. Just click Chat > Alternatives > Go Offline. Going offline does not sign you from Facebook, it simply makes you not available for talking.


Essentially, there are two kinds of applications or apps for brief: those that were produced by Facebook and those made by third-party designers. The internal Facebook applications consist of Notes, Photos, Hyperlinks, and Video. Third-party applications include video games, tests, and so on. I have spoken about my preferred third-party Facebook apps.

Where do you discover Facebook apps? Click Applications on the lower left corner of the page and choose to Browse More Applications.


Right next to the Applications button I discussed above are your bookmarks. By default, you must see icons for Photos, Hyperlinks, and Notes in addition to some others. Hovering your mouse over them reveals a description of each image.

You utilize bookmarks as faster ways to where you wish to go. I ought to point out though that clicking the markers will bring you to a current activities page. For instance, if you click the icon for Photos, it does not bring you to your picture albums, it reveals you the current picture albums of your buddies. From there you can go to your image album by clicking the My Pictures connect at the top of the page. The same requests the other bookmarks.


See that little icon that appears like a signboard? That's where all alerts can be discovered. Facebook informs you if your pals publish something on your wall, talk about your uploaded images, and so on. When you see a red bubble with a number on it, it suggests there's been some brand-new advancement. So aside from seeing your inbox, you'll likewise wish to watch on those alerts for real friend updates. Basic Facebook Guide.


Hovering your mouse on the Settings button on the ideal upper side of the page, you'll see three choices: Account Settings, Personal Privacy Settings, Application Settings.

You can alter your actual name, e-mail address, password, and so on through Account Settings. Personal Privacy Settings enables you to develop various levels of personal privacy. For instance, you can set specific details to be viewable by chosen good friends just. Application Settings allow you to manage how applications act. Simply have fun and try out these alternatives.

Basic Facebook Guide

Basic Facebook Guide