www.facebook.com Login Facebook

I'm producing a login from Facebook in my app. My app is a list of item costs, and I desire my user can enter your email/password to place in my WebService and return rates to your email. www.facebook.com Login Facebook.
www.facebook.com Login Facebook

www.facebook.com Login Facebook.

The issue is when I click LoginButton it's open a LoginActivity of Facebook to visit, and I desire to open an AlertDialog with EditText email/password to user type the details and after I will do visit on Facebook and if login facebook is all best I get the email/password key in EditText and made send out to my WebService.

Checking out the paperwork of Facebook API I see this

The Facebook SDK for Android supplies approaches to execute Facebook Login for your app. The SDK offers Facebook Login assistance for these normal circumstances: Your app utilizes just Facebook Login to license individuals using your app. Your app provides 2 login choices: Facebook Login and your login system.

Your app uses your login at first, and Facebook Login is an option to turn on particular social functions. In cases (1) and (3), the Facebook SDK supplies a UserSettingsFragment class that can be hosted by your login activity to show the Facebook login/logout button. In case (2), the Facebook SDK supplies a LoginButton class that offers a button you can drop into your UI. The LoginButton class preserves the session state and is utilized to log individuals in and out.
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There's any method to do it?

Like this.
www.facebook.com Login Facebook
It seems like you wish to pass the details you gather from the dialog box into the Facebook login box. As far as I understand this isn't possible. The Facebook SDK can identify if Facebook is set up on the phone and verify that method, or it will appear a dialog box for the user to visit. I'm quite sure the factor for this pertains to security issues.