What Font Does Facebook Use

You understand me; I prefer to take an easy subject and cover it in far, even more information than is essential. That's exactly what I'm going to made with this one, so strap in kids, and prepare to find out even more about What Font Does Facebook Use, Facebook's typeface and social networks typography than you ever needed to know.

What Font Does Facebook Use? 

What Font Does Facebook Use


Facebook is a fascinating case because their font style looks generic enough that it can match some various typefaces. Up till the middle of 2014, they utilized a font style that the majority of people determined as Klavika Vibrant. If you compare it to the logo design they use now, however, you'll see some distinctions. The brand-new, modern typeface looks practically the same, however, has somewhat various kerning and angles on a few of the letters.
The brand-new typeface does not have a name, a minimum of externally, as it is not externally readily available. It was established internal with input from Eric Olson, from Process Type Foundry.

For that reason, you can not formally download the current Facebook logo design typeface. The closest would be Klavika Strong (connected above). If you are a skilled graphic artist, you might make a couple of adjustments to obtain it near to their first font style.
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The greatest distinction in between the old and brand-new Facebook typeface style is the kind of it utilizes. Before, it had the little hook over it, as is usual with lots of fonts. The brand-new a does not have that hook. The variation with the hook is called a double-story a, while the change without is a single-story a. One interesting bit of note is that the appropriate font style created for dyslexic users has a double-storey a, showing that Facebook's modification made their logo design a little less understandable for such users. Not that anybody has a difficult time recognizing the Facebook logo design, dyslexia or not.
When it comes to the typeface they utilize for their real social networks website text, it differs from platform to platform. On PCs, they use Tahoma, while on Apple computer systems they employ Lucida Grande. iOS mobile phones utilize Helvetica Neue, while Android cell phones and such usage Roboto. These typefaces are sans serif, which shows that they do not have all the additional frills, or series, that begin more multiple font styles. Times New Roman is the prototypical serif font style, while Arial is the core sans-serif font style.

In case you wondered, by the method, Facebook utilizes five various tones of blue throughout their website style and their marketing products. These 5 are hex worths 0e1f56, 3b5998, 6d84b4, afbdd4, and d8dfea, from darkest to lightest. The most typically understood Facebook Blue is the 2nd one, 3b5998. You can, naturally, sample any color on the website just by taking a screenshot of your web browser and opening it in an image editor. Even MSPaint has an eyedropper tool nowadays.