Skip Bayless Facebook

Skip Bayless Facebook, It appears like the network's outspoken character forgot to alter accounts before applauding himself.
Skip Bayless Facebook
Nobody enjoys Avoid Bayless more than Avoid Bayless.

Skip Bayless Facebook.

The outspoken Fox Sports character was captured applauding himself on his Facebook page. Bayless on Sunday hosted a Facebook Live video on his main page to go over the upcoming Cowboys-Buccaneers video game. Throughout the stream, one commenter composed "Avoid you are the male!!! Love the brand-new program on FS1 (Fox Sports 1)!!!!".
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Skip Bayless Facebook
That is a great thing to state, however, there is a little issue: It appears to have been composed by Bayless. The remark originated from the validated Avoid Bayless Facebook account, which has lots of on social networks hypothesizing that Bayless needs to have forgotten to switch to a phony account before providing the appreciation.