Make a New Facebook Account

Make a New Facebook Account, You cannot constantly clean the slate tidy and begin over, in reality. However, you can do it on Facebook! Often it's simpler simply to clean out your good friend's list on your present one. This post will reveal you ways to produce a brand-new account and discard the old one.

Make a New Facebook Account. 

1. Developing a New Account.
Make a New Facebook Account
1. If you have an existing account, you will have to erase it before producing a brand-new one. See Close the Old Account listed below before continuing. Otherwise, continue to the next action.
Make a New Facebook Account
2. Go to the Facebook site. If you have an existing account, ensure you are logged out initially.

  • You will see this signup kind:
  • Fill it out entirely, make certain all the info is precise, then click the Sign-Up button.

Make a New Facebook Account
3. Discover your pals. Facebook will next ask you to browse your numerous e-mail represent friends. You are welcome to do this at this time or click Avoid this action at the bottom, and continue with the sign-up procedure.
Make a New Facebook Account
4. Fill out profile details. Action 2 of the sign-up procedure is submitting basic profile details: High school, college, and company. Once again, you might opt to fill this out or avoid this action.
Make a New Facebook Account
5. Plug in your mug. Now's your opportunity to shine to the world! Publish an image from your computer system, or take a picture with your cam. Nevertheless, you do it; Facebook will make it. Naturally, like the other actions, you can opt to avoid this too.
Make a New Facebook Account
6. Your brand-new account is prepared! Keep in mind-- do not forget to like us!

2. Close the Old Account.
Make a New Facebook Account
Learn this here now:
1. Download your details. Having a copy of all your details-- from our profile information to your buddy's list and images-- is never a bad thing to have as a backup. To do this:

  • Click the account menu icon (white triangle) on the top right of any Facebook page.
  • Pick Account Settings.
  • Click Download a copy of your Facebook information.
  • Click Start My Archive.
  • This will take a while, particularly if you have lots of images and are active on Facebook.

Make a New Facebook Account
2. Clean Out your existing account. When your archive is total, empty out all fields that aren't needed, and erase. For required fields, utilize names that are plainly phony (Trondheim Dingleschmidt) or hopelessly necessary (John Smith).

  • If you wish to recycle your phone and e-mail details in the brand-new account, alter those to something useless before you start the removal procedure. Facebook will not let you have numerous accounts with the very same details.

Make a New Facebook Account
3. Develop a momentary e-mail account. To erase your primary e-mail account, you should initially develop a brand-new one-- Facebook will confirm the e-mail address, so you cannot only make one up.

  • Produce a brand-new web browser tab (Control-T on a PC, Command-T on a Mac).
  • Go to an entirely free e-mail company, such as Google or Yahoo.
  • Develop a brand-new account. It can be a regular e-mail account that you may wish to utilize genuine at some time or a short one you will utilize when and garbage. One benefit of an alternate e-mail account is that you can utilize it for all spam-generating websites-- you never need to inspect it, so anything that remains in it will constantly be spam!

Make a New Facebook Account
4. Include the brand-new e-mail account to Facebook. In your soon-to-be-defunct Facebook account, go to General Account Settings, modify the e-mail settings, and click Include another e-mail.

  • Enter your brand-new e-mail address, and your password, and click Conserve Modifications.
  • You will be sent out a verification e-mail to your brand-new e-mail address. Make certain you accept the brand-new e-mail. You will be gone back to Facebook's account settings page, where you can now make the brand-new e-mail the primary.
  • Click the Main e-mail: button beside the brand-new e-mail address, enter your password and click Conserve Modifications. This will close the edit window for your e-mail. Re-open it, and you will see your brand-new e-mail address on top, as the first e-mail. To the right of your old (genuine) e-mail address, it will state Get rid of. Click that, and your old e-mail is cleaned out.

Make a New Facebook Account
5. Produce your brand-new account. See above, under Developing A Brand-new Account, for the actions to achieve this.
Make a New Facebook Account
6. Transfer ownership and admin rights. You might be the admin of several groups or pages. Before you erase your old account, established your brand-new account to have admin rights also.

  • From the left side column of your Facebook timeline, click the group or page you administer. It will open in the Admin Panel.
  • From the Edit Page menu, choose Admin Duties.
  • Include your brand-new account as an administrator.

  • The first thing you should do to your Facebook profile is adjusted your privacy settings. This will help you gauge what you can get away with posting to your account.
  • If you are deleting an old account and starting anew is due to stalking or other untoward behavior of others, be strict with your privacy settings, at least at first.
  • It's a good idea to change your profile settings to prevent people you haven't confirmed as friends from accessing your profile. The link to privacy settings is at the top right and bottom right of the page.


  • Don't give your mobile number and personal details.
  • Be careful when providing personal data, even when you're giving them to your friends.
  • Don't add anyone you don't know. It could be some freak behind the computer.
  • Don't meet up with anyone you have met on Facebook.It may be very unsafe for you!
  • Don't upload any pictures that you'll regret later. Anyone can save them and share them with people you dislike or do not know.