How to See Who Visits Your Facebook Page

By now, you have probably discovered the lots of apps and Web services declaring to let you see who's seeing your Facebook profile. Is your college ex-checking up on you? Is somebody from work scrolling through photos of your beach getaway? Are your moms and dads privately glimpsing in on your personal life? These apps assure the responses. How to See Who Visits Your Facebook Page.
Regrettably, they do not provide. Not a single among them.

How to See Who Visits Your Facebook Page. 

You can be One Hundred Percent particular that each and every app that states "See who views your profile!" or "stalker tracker" or anything else like that is virus-laden scrap. These apps would like you to spend your Facebook password, or they may set up the capability to spam your buddies through your Facebook wall.
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Once again: Be very cautious of any service or app that declares to reveal you who's been seeing your Facebook profile. This performance breaches Facebook's personal privacy guidelines. If you have fallen victim to a supposed stalker app (or another kind of Facebook malware), make sure to have a look at Facebook's guidelines for withdrawing app access to your account.

That stated, there are some methods to obtain hints and insights into who's been drifting around your profile. You will not wind up with the conclusive list you're most likely searching for, however, keep checking out for suggestions and techniques that toe-- however do not cross!-- that great line in between natural interest and an enormous breach of personal privacy.