How to Get Old Facebook Messages

When the Facebook Messenger app was at first launched, there was lots of doubt and fret among Android users. The app needed access to a lot of individual details that people hesitated to set up the app, though as time has gone on people have heated up to the concept of having a different, simple to utilize an app for Facebook messaging. How to Get Old Facebook Messages.
How to Get Old Facebook Messages
Facebook messages are a gold mine of memories and fun discussions that all of us wish to review from time to time. Have you ever aimed to browse your messages to discover an old discussion with a buddy, just to invest an hour scrolling back through discussion after discussion, without any end in sight? It's irritating to spend a lot of time looking for that a person particular joke or memory and the more messages you have, the longer it takes. In this short article, I will provide you the ideas on the best ways to check out old Facebook messages on Android

How to Get Old Facebook Messages

Part 1. The best ways to Check out Old Messages on Facebook Messenger for Android.
Part 2. Ways to Gain access to the Old Facebook Messages on Android Faster

Part 1. Where to Check out the Old Facebook Messenger Messages on Android.

How to Get Old Facebook Messages

To see your old Facebook Messenger app messages on your Android gadget, you'll have to carry out the following actions:
  • The very first thing you'll have to do is guarantee you are logged into the Messenger app with your Facebook login information.
  • When you are logged into the app, find the user whose discussion you wish to see and pick them. Now you have chosen them your whole conversation history with them will open, showing your most recent messages initially.
  • To see your old messages, you'll have to scroll upwards through your chat history, which will lead you to your earliest messages with the chosen contact.
It is a verbose procedure, however, sadly, there isn't presently any performance in the Android Messenger gadget to see your old messages any quicker. Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can do using the Facebook site to sort through your stockpile of notes much faster and work your method from earliest to latest, instead of utilizing the Messenger app and squandering your time scrolling through message after message.

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Part 2. Tips for Reading Old Messages on Facebook Faster.

To read your old Facebook messages through the Facebook site without scrolling through your whole history, there are a couple of various approaches you can attempt:
How to Get Old Facebook Messages
Technique 1: Look for a Keyword.

  • Log into Facebook and open the Messages screen. Your discussions will be shown down the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Select the discussion you wish to see. The most current messages in the debate will now be shown.
  • At the top of the screen you'll see a magnifying glass icon, click this, and you'll see a search bar showed.
  • At this phase, you'll have to discover a keyword that you understand appears in your earlier messages with this individual. When you have considered the keyword and looked for it, it will avoid through your messages history to the messages which contain the keyword, bringing you back to the start of your Facebook discussion with your particular contact.

How to Get Old Facebook Messages
Technique 2: Change the URL.

  • Log onto Facebook and check out From this screen you'll have to pick the discussion you wish to see, then ideal click the "See older messages" tab and choose "Open in a brand-new tab.".
  • See the URL that's shown. It will be something like Try to find the part of the URL that checks out "start= 6" and modifies this number to approximately the number of messages you have in your discussion. For instance, if you believe you have exchanged 1000 words alter the name to check out "start= 975".
  • The change to the URL will take you back much even more through your message history, so all you'll have to do is scroll back a little method to discover yourself at the earliest end of your message thread.
There are a few other things you can attempt, consisting of downloading your Facebook profile. If you log into Facebook and gain access to "Settings," you can pick "Download a copy of your Facebook information," which will condense all your Facebook profile and messages into one convenient file. Once it's downloaded (it can take a while - as you think of, it's a quite huge file!) you can open the HTML file in your regular internet browser and gain access to your old messages that method.

Another choice to access your old Facebook messages on your Android gadget is to set up the app Message Backup for Facebook. This app enables you to quickly download a copy of your entire Facebook message history, making the procedure fast and rapidly. The download is conserved as the a.csv file, so you can open it and check out your old messages utilizing any spreadsheet program.