How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook

Facebook is infamously bad for advising you of the important things you have published in the past. How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook.

If you resemble me, you most likely have many posts prowling in the dark history of your Timeline that you totally forgot. It's time to erase those from at last, and I'm going to reveal you how. How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook.

Timeline check-up.

Most importantly, ensure you understand exactly what your Timeline appears to like to public users (anybody who is not your Facebook pal). To do this, go to your Timeline, click the three dots to the right of the Activity Log button, select "Consider as ...," and you need to see this:

How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook

Take the first check out, and anything you do not like, click the date on your name, click the little world icon, and alter "Public" to "Buddies," "Just Me," or "Customized." Additionally, you can erase the post totally by clicking the 'X' button.

Conceal old Public posts.

If you have great deals of Public posts that you wish to cover, think it or not, Facebook has a tool for that. This is the very best method to repair the problem you have been experiencing today.

Click the security lock in the top-right on Facebook, select 'See More Settings,' and click Limitation Past Posts. You ought to see the following message appear; click the blue "Limitation Old Posts" button to alter the presence of all your old posts to simply "Buddies":

How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook

Clicking Here:

Repair your Timeline settings.

Next up, let's ensure your Timeline settings are exactly what you desire them to be. As soon as once again, click the security lock in the top-right on Facebook and click Timeline and Tagging Settings in the left pane.

Make certain the very first, 4th, 5th and seventh alternatives are set to "Buddies," or whatever you choose:

How to Delete Old Posts on Facebook

Deep Facebook cleansing.

If these suggestions didn't suffice for your yet, there's likewise the choice to deal with a Chrome extension like Facebook Post Supervisor. Nevertheless, these have the tendency to be a bit aggressive-- so beware when you're utilizing them.

There you go-- that's it!

You have cleaned your Facebook Timeline from old, forgotten posts. You can now go on and live your life without needing to stress somebody encounters a humiliating image or status upgrade from 2009.