How to Delete Comments on Facebook

In the beginning glimpse, it might appear like Facebook eliminated the capability to erase remarks from their Android app. You still can, however. The actions are only various. How to Delete Comments on Facebook.

1. Browse to see the remark you want to get rid of. If you have the problem discovering it, the most convenient thing to do is to choose the "Menu" button, then select "Activity Log."

2. Swipe your finger throughout the remark. An "Erase" button will appear.

How to Delete Comments on Facebook

3. Tap the" Erase" button, and your remark is gone

How to Delete Comments on Facebook. 

Spam does not regularly appear on Facebook. After viewing a lots approximately organization Facebook pages as an administrator, it seems that Facebook keeps spam to a minimum.

However today, spam occurred. Does spam happen to you?

Among the pages, I handle had this entirely off-topic remark. It promoted this 'earn money in the house' procedure with a link.

The best ways to erase it?

It ends up other individuals have asked 'the best ways to eliminate a spam talk about Facebook" so here's exactly what worked for me:

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Erasing a spam talk about a Facebook Page.

If you have spam on a page, you can change and utilize Facebook as that page. (You might have the ability to do this without modifying. However, I prefer to guarantee management jobs can be tracked to the page supervisor.) Then, when you see the wall, move your cursor over the post in concern. You will see a little equipment sign in the upper right corner of the post. When you click the material sign, you'll see the alternatives to erase the post.

You can see you have four options: Eliminate Post; Get rid of Post and Restriction User; Hide Post; or Report Abuse.

How to Delete Comments on Facebook

I dislike spam. So I picked the last one-- to report the post as abuse. This alternative not just erased the post. The next pop-up stated that Facebook would aim to explain all other posts by that user on my page. And I had the complete satisfaction to report as abuse the user's effort to pirate our crowd's attention for his ends.

Erasing a spam talk about an individual Facebook Page.

If you have a spam discuss your wall (your personal profile), the procedure is comparable (though not the same).

Ensure you are visited. When you see your wall and hover over somebody's post you will see a little 'x' sign in the upper right corner. When you click it, you have so that choice: conceal the post, hide all posts, or mark it as spam.

How to Delete Comments on Facebook

I cannot inform you exactly what occurs when marking a discuss your wall as spam. I have not needed to do this. That is among the important things I like about Facebook-- I see barely any spam (knock on wood).

Well, the 'work at the house' discuss my customer's page is gone. I hope spam is simply this simple for you too.

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