How to Clear Search History on Facebook

Few of you understand that Facebook records all the searches you carry out on the search bar at the top of the social media network. You got it right, whatever you are searching for on Facebook is conserved in a history list, available from the activity log. The event log is a function readily available just from the profile so nobody can describe it unless he has got your password (check out the best ways to take passwords on Facebook). How to Clear Search History on Facebook.

On this article, I will talk about this feature and I’ll explain how to delete with a few clicks all searches performed.

The best ways to erase searches from the activity log.

How to Clear Search History on Facebook

Each profile (and every page) on Facebook has made it possible for a function called Activity Log, which, as the name records all actions carried out on your account on Facebook. Amongst these are likewise kept in the research study performed by the search bar at the top of the site (research study by phone or tablet, or from Facebook applications are not presently conserved).

You can access the activity log from the link offered at the bottom right on the cover of your timeline, click on this link to go directly.

From the bar to the right you can filter the outcomes revealed on the register. In our case we have an interest in screen applications made;

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Facebook Login Location History
Facebook Homepage Login Screen 

How to Clear Search History on Facebook

appearance under "Browse" on the side menu, additionally click on this link.

I duplicate: nobody besides you can see your activity log, and after that, nobody besides you can consult this list. However, you might have to erase one or all the research study performed. To eliminate a search:

Click 269672196396014_1512111525 near to the voice associated to the history and click" Eliminate" ... in this method your research study will be erased from your search history.

How to Clear Search History on Facebook

If you wish to get rid of the whole list of research study activities from the register, please click the Clear button in the leading right. So it will erase all searches carried out on your account entirely.

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How to Clear Search History on Facebook