How to Change Age on Facebook

When you produce a Facebook account, you're asked to supply your date and year of birth. If you went into an incorrect date of birth when you completed the Facebook Register type, Facebook shows the incorrect age on your profile up until you alter your age. How to Change Age on Facebook, Getting "Delighted Birthday" messages from your good friends prior to or after your date of birth is frustrating. You can upgrade your age a restricted variety of times, so make certain you get the appropriate one.

How to Change Age on Facebook

How to Change Age on Facebook 

1. Browse to Facebook, log in to your account and browse to your Timeline. Click the "About" connect to begin modifying your profile.

2. Click the "Edit" button in the "Fundamental Information" box.

3. Select your proper date of birth in the Birthday area of the page.

4. Select the "I validate my age is ..." alternative to confirm your age.

5. Click the "Conserve" button to upgrade the date of birth and alter your age on Facebook.

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check You might need to wait a couple of days prior to you can alter the Facebook age once again, in case you chose the incorrect date of birth a 2nd time.