How to Broadcast Live on Facebook

How to Broadcast Live on Facebook? Facebook Live has the perspective to reach more audience as your buddies on Facebook get informed when you begin streaming a live occasion. Facebook created this future in fact to relay live events, not pre-recorded videos. Pre-recorded videos are implied to be shared utilizing the standard upload tool.

How to Broadcast Live on Facebook 

For those who are rather too worried to survive on Facebook, there's a method you can share a modified pre-recorded video and stream it live. Likewise, if you have to transmit a formerly taped video on Facebook Live for specific factors, this is for you. Whether you own an individual profile or a fan page, this post covers both.

To obtain begun, there are 3 actions included:

  1. Getting the required software application.
  2. Getting your stream secret from Facebook.
  3. Utilizing the downloaded software application to transmit you tape-recorded video.

The actions need to be simple for anybody to follow as the entire procedure isn't made complex when you get the essentials right.

Action 1: Downloading Open Broadcaster Software application

There is some software application to do this. However the most popular are OBS, Wirecast, and XSplit. For this tutorial, we're going to utilize OBS (Open Broadcast Software application) Studio. It's totally free and straightforward to establish.

Download and set up OBS Studio here. It's readily available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Make certain you're downloading OBS Studio, not OBS Classic. After downloading the software application, set up, and we need to now carry on to the next action.

Action 2: Getting your stream secret from Facebook

Before you can utilize this software application, you have to get your stream secret from Facebook. It ought to be kept in mind that there are different techniques to obtain the circulation secret of an individual profile and an organization page. You're going to either carry out Action 2A or Action 2B depending upon your goal.

Step 2A: Getting the stream secret for an individual profile or Facebook group

-Go to this page.

- Click the Produce Live Stream button.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- From the selector, select where you wish to go Live. This only works for your timeline, your good friends' timeline and groups. Select your schedule and click Next because that's exactly what we're dealing with today.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- On the next page, you need to see your stream secret. Copy this to someplace safe and do not close this page.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
That's it for getting Facebook Live Stream secret for individual profiles.

Step 2B: Getting the circulation secret for a Facebook business/fan page.

- Go to your Facebook fan page.

- Browse to the Publishing Tools tab.

- Go to Video Library then choose Live.
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How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- The popup ought to reveal your live stream secret. Copy this to someplace safe.

Action 3: Broadcasting taped video on Facebook with OBS.

- Introduce Open Broadcast Software Application Studio.

- Go to Settings. On MacOS, this lies at OBS > Preferences.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- Go to Stream and utilize these settings:.

Stream Type: Streaming Providers.

Service: Facebook Live.

Server: Default.

Stream Secret: <Paste the key you copied earlier>
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- Click OK to conserve your modifications and return to the primary screen.

- On the main screen, include your pre-recorded Video by clicking the + under sources and choose Media Source.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- If this turns up, simply click OK.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- The next window lets your browse for a local video file to stream. Click search to select your preferred pre-recorded video to stream.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- After you have picked the video and you're back on the first window with the video sneak peek proving, just click Start Streaming.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- You must now return to the Facebook tab where you got your streaming secret, and your Live video ought to begin showing.
How to Broadcast Live on Facebook
- Struck the "Go Live" button to begin relaying the stream.

That's all it requires to survive on Facebook utilizing a pre-recorded video. You need to keep it in mind that you do require a quick web connection to make this work correctly.