Facebook Video Ad Specs

Facebook Video Ad Specs,  Do your Facebook advertisements include video?
Trying to find methods to improve your Facebook marketing with video?
Do your Facebook advertisements include video?

Facebook Video Ad Specs.

Video advertisements are amongst the most useful Facebook ad formats for creating user engagement.

In this short article, you'll find 6 pointers for utilizing video in your Facebook advertising campaign.
Facebook Video Ad Specs

# 1: Make an Effect in the First Couple of Seconds.

Thinking about the number of posts individuals see in their Facebook news feeds, it's difficult to check out and communicate with all them. Because of that, they make a fast choice about whether a post deserves focusing on.

Video advertisements are no various. To be reliable, video ads need to achieve two things: get the user's attention in 2-3 seconds and have a brief period, most likely no greater than 20 seconds amount to.

Sadly, lots of video advertisements do not effectively do this, which leads to little engagement and bad results. You can see this yourself by examining audience retention for any of your live videos. The curve will likely look just like the one listed below. As you can see, the drop rate was greatest in the very first couple of seconds, and the common portion of individuals who finished the video was 33%.
Facebook Video Ad Specs
Here are a few of the usual causes for little audience retention:

  • Consisting of an introduction.
  • Utilizing logo designs or credits at the start.
  • Aiming to inform excessive in the video.
  • Having an own speaking to the cam without context.

To produce a reliable video advertisement, you have to make an effect in the very first couple of seconds. Program audiences something that will make them curious, so they wish to view exactly what occurs next.

Obviously, you have to provide your message rapidly. If you cannot describe the principle in a couple of seconds, end the video with a cliffhanger and timely users to enjoy more at your site.

# 2: Pique Interest With the Thumbnail.

When developing a video advertisement, bear in mind that numerous Facebook users have shut down the autoplay alternative on their mobile phones. So they have to click your video ad to make it play.

To motivate them, set off interest with your thumbnail. Facebook lets you pick from a series of images arbitrarily chosen from the video. If you do not discover any of these pictures engaging enough, you can submit your image for the thumbnail. To do so, upload or pick the video you wish to utilize in your advertisement then click the Custom-made Thumbnail location.
Facebook Video Ad Specs
For finest making, select a thumbnail that has the same element ratio as videos, which is 16:9 or 1:1 for square videos. This is various from the 1:1.91 ratio suggested for links. And although Facebook has eliminated the 20% text limitation for images, images with lots of text will get a lower concern for shipment. This likewise uses to thumbnails for video advertisements.

# 3: Produce Numerous Video Audiences.

Developing customized audiences from videos is not brand-new. For a long time, you might grow to audiences from users enjoying your video based upon the following requirements: users who saw a minimum of 3 seconds of the video and users who viewed a minimum of 95% of your video.

These customized audiences were active and might be utilized in a range of methods. Nevertheless, there were some concerns. For instance, the video had to have at least 1,000 plays in a 24-hour duration, which was challenging for marketers with little spending plans.

Luckily, Facebook has upgraded this function. You can now develop customized audiences from video based upon the list below levels of engagement:

  • 3 seconds enjoyed.
  • 10 seconds observed.
  • 25% participated in.
  • 50% went to.
  • 75% went to.
  • 95% participated in.

Facebook Video Ad Specs
Most importantly, you can integrate numerous levels of engagement throughout various videos to develop a more loyal customized audience. For instance, you can produce a tailored audience of individuals who enjoyed more than 50% of some videos, 95% of others, and so on. Integrating these video fans lets you produce a loyal custom-made audience that can be utilized for retargeting. Even more, you can use these customized audiences to create efficient lookalike audiences.

With Facebook Audience Insights, you can likewise evaluate the custom-made audience and get more insights about the users engaging with your material.
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Facebook Video Ad Specs

# 4: Enhance for Video Views to obtain Optimum Reach.

When you develop a project, you select a goal that assists you to enhance shipment. Video advertisements on their own are not a goal, however rather a format. As such, you can run video ads to produce conversions, drive traffic, get post engagement, boost reach, and obviously, get video views.

Nevertheless, since the bulk of traffic generation and conversion projects utilize the link or carousel formats, Facebook has more user information for these mixes than for video advertisements. This makes it harder for the algorithm to discover users who will click a video ad to go to a site, so you may experience a slower advertisement shipment and reach of your project.

You can remove this issue by opting to set Video Deem the advertisement goal. Facebook can quicker determine users who are most likely to see the video, which will assist increase the reach of your project.
Facebook Video Ad Specs
There's another advantage to picking the Video Views goal. If your project goal is to create clicks and conversions, Facebook will reveal the advertisement to users who are most likely to click a link (instead of users who are most liable to see the video). So it prevails to have low video retention since users are most likely to click a link without seeing the video.

When enhancing for video views, nevertheless, Facebook will search for users who are most likely to see as much of your video as possible. This will let you produce much better video audiences.

# 5: Usage Video in Link and Carousel Advertisements.

If your objective is to own traffic to an external site, videos can assist make your link or carousel advertisements stick out from the crowd.

Many users are accustomed to link or carousel ads that reveal just fixed images, and video advertisements that show just videos. Nevertheless, utilizing videos in your link or carousel ads lets you integrate the very best of both functions. You can consist of more details in your video with headings, call-to-action buttons, link descriptions, and more.
Facebook Video Ad Specs
Likewise, you can utilize numerous videos in a carousel advertisement and consist of some visual storytelling in your project. The following announcement from Target is a terrific example of how useful this method can be.
Facebook Video Ad Specs
In either case, it is critical to making the video short. Instead of attempting to supply lots of material in the video, the concept is to utilize the video as an attention-grabber. You can do this no matter the project goal you're utilizing. In reality, you can even use videos on list building projects.

# 6: Target Mobile Gadgets Just When Linked to WiFi.

As discussed previously, numerous users have shut down the autoplay choice to conserve information on their mobile strategies. Nevertheless, there's likewise a factor to consider for users who have not disabled autoplay. If their connection is sluggish, your video might stop playing. This develops a disappointment for audiences, and they might stop engaging with the advertisement. Simply puts, you'll spend for an impression/click that got squandered.

Luckily, you can quickly prevent these concerns by targeting mobile phones just when they're linked to WiFi. To do this, choose the positioning at the Advertisement Set level of your project.
Facebook Video Ad Specs
Some individuals think that this choice might lower the possible reach of their projects. However, that's not real. If you utilize Facebook's Approximated Daily Reach tool, you can see on your own that picking the WiFi-only alternative does not make a considerable distinction in the approximated reach.


Despite the project goal, positioning, targeting, and other aspects, it is necessary that your video advertisement is straightforward and succinct. Brief videos are not just most likely to be viewed totally, however likewise work as cliffhangers that will set off the audience's interest.
Facebook Video Ad Specs
Exactly what do you believe? How have Facebook video advertisements used to work for you? Have you seen any excellent examples of video ads that got your attention? Do you see videos when utilizing a mobile phone? Please share your ideas in the remarks listed below.