Facebook Messages Without App

A month earlier, I satisfied an old pal of mine. He was adjusting his phone with an annoying search his face. When I asked him the factor, he responded 'I do not wish to utilize the Messenger app. I just desire my old Facebook back'. Facebook Messages Without App.
Facebook Messages Without App

Facebook Messages Without App.

So, Facebook has made some huge modifications in their mobile app. Previously, the user can respond to their message from the Facebook app itself, and now you have to download an extra app called Messenger, to send out and get Facebook messages.

And like many Facebook updates, individuals do not like this one either. Why download an additional app, when you can do the same thing, from the existing one. The Messenger app is going to consume your phone resources and has some appalling personal privacy policies.

There are a couple of workarounds on the web, to disable the Messenger app. Like setting up the first variation of the Facebook app or canceling the download in half method. However, they do not work well in the long term.

However, the good news is, a Redditor FreemanAMG, has created a clever workaround to disable Facebook Messenger. Though, this just deals with Android and needs ROOT.

Send out Facebook Messages Without Messenger.

The procedure is easy.

Set up Facebook Messenger app like you typically do than freeze it utilizing this app. Now that the Messenger app is frozen, you can respond to your messages straight from the Facebook App. Disabling the Messenger app from the settings will not work.
Facebook Messages Without App
Take a look at this animated gif.

Exactly what if I Do not Have a ROOT Gain access to?

Freezing Android Apps need root. So a non-rooted user can, either usage Facebook mobile website, i.e., m.facebook.com or choose a third-party Facebook app like Metal for Facebook.

In truth, I extremely advise not utilizing the Facebook authorities app as it's extensively understood for significant battery drain and dubious personal privacy policies. However, if you use Facebook in your mobile internet browser, then they can not access your contacts or SMS. And you can likewise send out Facebook messages straight from the mobile websites. More details here.

To obtain push notice for your messages, you need to buy hand switch on chrome alert (Chrome > Settings > Website Settings > Alert > Enable Facebook) and Facebook Push Alert (Account Settings > Alerts > Mobile > Switch on).
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Facebook Messages Without App