Facebook Login Sign In Different User

Each time I aim to log in to my facebook account, it creates my nephew's account.  Facebook Log in Sign In Different User, How can I get the system to acknowledge my account once again and not raise his?

Facebook Log in Sign In Different User. 

That's an intriguing issue, since it highlights a modern-day style function of a lot of various websites, from Facebook to Twitter, Google to Yahoo as well as Hotmail Live: to make it simpler for a user who goes back to the site day after day, the majority of websites can now leave you visited for benefit. Which works terrific when only a single person is utilizing the system, however not so excellent when it's not a devoted system.

This goes double for any public system, apparently: if you're ever utilizing a maker on school or at a service, or especially in a Web café, then it's crucial for your account security that you

never leave your mind visited when you're done.
That's exactly what your nephew has done on your computer system, left himself visited your Facebook account.
No concerns. To log out go to Facebook and search the leading right. It'll look like this:
Facebook Login Sign In Different User
Click the little white triangle, and a menu appears:
Facebook Login Sign In Different User
More Info:

You can see the alternative you desire-- I have highlighted it! Click.
nephew will be signed from Facebook, leaving you able to check for yourself:
Facebook Login Sign In Different User
Pay particular focus on the little checkbox identified "Keep me visited." That's exactly what you do not wish to have examined unless you make certain that no-one else will utilize your computer system.

When your nephew returns and uses the system of equipment, ask him to keep in mind not to inspect that box too, so you do not need to fuss with this next time.
Hope that assists you deal with Facebook!