How to Tag People on Facebook

As a small company owner, it can be challenging to stay up to date with the modifications that Facebook makes. How to Tag People on Facebook, (For those of you who aren't small business owners, Facebook Page is a different part of Facebook where a company owner can market their business).

How to Tag People on Facebook

How to Tag People on Facebook.

Time to time I had the problem tagging my customers or perhaps myself on a photo. Have you had the very same issue? I cannot take credit for this discovery because I read it elsewhere. However this has been working splendidly for me, and it appears like not numerous individuals tag others in this manner. Let me share how I label people on Facebook Page

Ways to Tag Individuals & Organisations on Your Facebook Page.

Since today, April 16th, 2016, this is working, and I hope Facebook will not eliminate this function.

If you desire visual directions, please watch this! (There is no noise.) I hope this assists you !!!