How Many Friends Can You Have on Facebook

Inning accordance with Cameron Marlow, Facebook's "internal sociologist," that number is 4 if you are male and 6 if you are female. As the Economic expert reports today, Marlow's research study suggests that the typical Facebook user has a network of about 120 good friends, however just has two-way discussions with a tiny subset of these 'buddies.' Remarkably, even for those users who have a far bigger variety of good friends (500+), those numbers hardly grow (10 for guys and sixteen for females). How Many Friends Can You Have on Facebook.

How Many Friends Can You Have on Facebook

How Many Friends Can You Have on Facebook.

These figures pointed out above are for pals that users actually email or talk with. When it pertains to more casual one-way interactions like leaving discuss pictures, status updates, or composing on someone's wall, those numbers increase a little and the typical male would then have 7 buddies on Facebook and the average female about 10.

Based upon this information, Marlow argues that as soon as your network grows beyond the Dunbar variety of 150 (the technical cognitive limitation of the number of individuals one can preserve a steady social relationship with), you are, at best, increasing the variety of 'casual contacts' that you track passively.

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What About Twitter?

Marlow, naturally, focuses just on Facebook, however these numbers are likewise sort of fascinating in the context of other social services like Twitter. Simply today, we saw a fascinating conversation about the number of fans one can actually communicate with on Twitter-- specifically thinking about that some users there follow 10s of countless individuals.

While a few of these numbers for Facebook most likely likewise be true for Twitter, it likewise has to be acknowledged that Twitter is a much more casual network than Facebook, where users only dip in and out of the message stream throughout the day. Likewise, the idea of 'relationship' in primary also appears to be more loosely specified on Twitter.

However if you actually wished to have a two-way interaction with the majority of or your Twitter fans, then following 10,000 individuals is just insane. Nevertheless, those Twitter addicts who support this lots of users most likely likewise just actually track a small subset of their fans through groups on Tweetdeck and searches.