Facebook 20 Rule Checker

Facebook 20 Guideline Checker Facebook contests/sweepstakes grow off of marketing and promoting to reach the most significant audience. Most of Facebook ads can be discovered in the kind of Sponsored Stories or Promoted Posts, those coincidentally proper posts users see in their newsfeed. Facebook 20 Rule Checker.

Now, naturally, there are standards for releasing these type of ads on Facebook. Here's a rundown of among the most basic guidelines associating with Facebook Advertisements.

Keep in mind These General Rules for Facebook Advertisements:

  • Ads can not fix particular political or sexual issues or issues that people may be fragile too.
  • Advertisements can not be used to frighten or shock an audience.
  • Ads can not have images that are obscene or exposes last skin/unnecessary body parts.
  • Ads can not have images that reveal non-active video repeat or exit buttons.
  • Ads can not have QR codes, or Facebook branded icons or logo design styles without its approval.
  • Ads ought to have right images for advertisements targeted to users noted below 18.
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Facebook 20 Rule Checker

The Facebook 20% Text Standard:.

Above all these standards for Facebook advertisements lies the 20% text instructions. In incredibly ground rules, any image made use of as a Facebook may not consist of more than 20% text. However, it gets challenging when products are included. For example, if a post includes text on the item packaging, such as the Pepsi can below, then that book does not count to the 20% standard. Facebook 20 Rule Checker.

This also utilizes to a photographed background that at first has some branding or logo style on it, as the case with the Red Bull and Swatches ad noted below. Another sort of text utilizes to the 20% standard, including text and logo design styles that were not at first part of the image. Take a look at some visuals noted below to clarify any confusions you may have!