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Facebook is evaluating a brand-new function for its traditional 'Messenger' platform. Connect Me to Facebook Now .

The function, verified by BuzzFeed News today, enables you to get in touch with others from within the app without actually including them to your buddy list on Facebook itself. In essence, the function enables Messenger users to get in touch with each other on the app, as if they were currently good friends, however without in fact including them as pals on Facebook appropriate.

Connect Me to Facebook Now

Connect Me to Facebook Now
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Facebook now permits this, although in a customized format. When the non-friends message, you're met a word demand that permits you to check out and accept or disregard any future correspondence. If you do not agree, future messages will go to the area previously inhabited by your "other" inbox. If received, the messages will filter through to your primary inbox.

The brand-new function would necessarily enable the same thing, however through making use of contacts. As soon as you include a contact, they can message you quickly without the have to officially link.

It resembles linking ... however not.