Why Does My Facebook Keep Crashing

Fixing site crashes can be a lengthy and frustrating procedure, especially when they hit while you require them for work. If Facebook chooses not to remain open, you more than likely have an issue with your modern internet browser or your security settings. Before fixing specifics, test whether Facebook stays open on another web internet browser. These assists identify whether malware, plugins or other information might be hindering your web internet browser or if security programs are avoiding all internet browsers from accessing Facebook. Why does my Facebook keep crashing?

why does my facebook keep crashing

Why Does My Facebook Keep Crashing

Cookies and Other Information

In addition to the many cookies and other pieces of searching information set up in your web browser from other sites, Facebook utilizes a variety of cookies for security, marketing, and localization functions. Cookies are littles software application that works within your web browser when they end up being damaged; they might contravene other duties and trigger your internet browser to crash. It is best to erase all cookies and searching information and inspect your web browser's cookie settings to make sure Facebook is permitted to set cookies. Reboot your web browser and check out Facebook.


If you have any plugins or extensions set up in your web internet browser, attempt disabling them or beginning your web browser in a Safe or Protected Mode to examine if Facebook works correctly. Given that Safe Mode, or your internet browser's comparable, briefly disables add-ons, you will understand if Facebook stays open the issue is being brought on by a malfunctioning add-on. Like cookies, plugins and extensions are little bits of a software application. When damaged, they can hinder other pieces of details and trigger important internet browser functions. If your internet browser has no Safe Mode or comparable, disable all add-ons, reboot your web browser and check out Facebook to check if it stays open.
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JavaScript and Active Scripting

JavaScript, likewise called active scripting, is a scripting language for developing interactive sites. Modern scripting content consists of tests, pop-ups and hyperlinked animations. Examine your web internet browser to guarantee JavaScript is allowed. Although it is typically allowed instantly by many web internet browsers, it might be shut off or obstructed from dealing with specific sites. Keep in mind that JavaScript is called active scripting in Web Explorer.

Firewall programs and Security Programs

If running a firewall program or security program, ensure it is not obstructing the Facebook domain or any material that might appear on Facebook. If so, it will reject gain access to and trigger Facebook to crash or not load at all. Include Facebook.com to your list of relied on sites. If utilizing Web Explorer, inspect your security zones to guarantee Facebook.com is not noted as a Limited website.


Malware can contaminate Facebook or your Web internet browser when you follow particular links or mistakenly download destructive material. If you believe you might be infected with malware, download and set up a reliable malware or anti-virus defense program and run a scan of your computer system. Update your internet browser to the current variation and eliminate any suspicious add-ons. If you think malware is impacting your individual Facebook account, alter your password.