Videos Won't Play On Facebook

Some Sony Xperia Z2 owners are dealing with the problem to utilize the Facebook app on their phone. A lot of users have grumbled that videos won't play on Facebook from Sony Xperia Z2 When they click a video on Facebook, it begins playing however after a couple of seconds, it stops providing a message "Sorry, a mistake has happened."

If you have Sony Xperia Z2, you likewise might deal with the very same issue while playing video on Facebook. Nevertheless, here are some possible services that you can aim to resolve Facebook videos will not use Sony Xperia Z2 point.

Prospective Solutions for Videos Won't Play On Facebook From Sony Xperia Z2

Videos Wont Play On Facebook

1. Open Settings on your phone > Apps > Facebook > tap Clear Cache then attempt to play a video at Facebook on your Sony Xperia Z2. It might fix your issue briefly.

2. You can aim to avoid the point where the video stops working and see exactly what occur.

3. Another short-term service to this issue is uninstalling the Facebook app and once again re-installs it. However, these 3 actions might fix the problem just briefly.
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4. Make certain that the Facebook app on your Sony Xperia Z2 has the most recent upgrade. You can examine it by packing up the Play Shop app, and after that choose My Apps which you will discover in the menu left wing. Aside from Sony Xperia Z2, this problem is likewise taking place on some other Android gadgets, which recommend that the Facebook app is the primary issue.

5. Some users have discovered an option of this issue by disabling among the Sony's pre-installed apps. To do that go to Settings > Apps > slide the screen and tap All tab > scroll down and tap to Xperia with Facebook. Select disable and after that go back to your Facebook. Now play a video there and see if the issue is fixed.

If not, contact the merchant from where you bought the phone or Sony's service center.