Is Facebook Starting To Charge

Facebook is Beginning to Charge

If you take a look around your Facebook buddies' wall, some may have currently started publishing news like 'Facebook is going to charge soon.' If it is to load quickly, exactly what are you going to do? Pay? Or live your life without Facebook? Or is Facebook starting to charge? Or possibly 3rd option is to follow the directions of those messages from your pals' wall by doing precisely to prevent paying. The message goes by doing this:

Exactly what you have to do is to copy that message then idiotically publish it by yourself wall. WELL DONE. I can ensure you that your Facebook account will not be erased and charged from now on. That goes the same to those that did not publish this on their wall too. Why is it so? It is because this is a silly chain message. The function of this chain message is to develop a human-made worm. Thus, it is just going to produce more rubbish on the web mainly Facebook websites.
Is Facebook Starting To Charge
Is Facebook Starting To Charge

Why is Facebook Not Charging?

If you are still not exactly sure whether this is a fraud or some chain message or something genuine, let me describe even more why Facebook will not charge all the users. Facebook's primary rival now is just Google as the majority of the traffic goes to both celebrations mainly. Take a look at the traffic rank for both giants. At distinct nation, Facebook has a greater traffic over Google although, in the international ranking, Google still guidelines.

If Facebook is to charge, users are going to leave, and traffic is going to drop. The Facebook traffic ranking will most likely stand next to the notorious Friendster by that time. Not just that, with the reduction of traffic, a lower marketer is going to promote on Facebook and Facebook is going to lose more cash that time. Therefore, I highly think that charges will not be used as it does not look like any great deal.
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The other factor is Google+ is currently introduced. If you are uncertain exactly what Google+ is, it is a social media which is quite just like exactly what Facebook is doing. The distinction is that the developer is Google. Typically, we understand that Google is working tough to tear down Facebook in regards to whatever and Google+ becomes part of their strategy. If Facebook is so 'wise' by charging their user this time around, then Google+ is going to be everybody's option. For that reason, look thoroughly, Facebook is not most likely to charge after all, right? [Read: Ways to Allow HTTPS for Facebook Security]

Facebook Charges-- Last word

I am curious on the number of them out there had currently been publishing these messages on their wall. This is not the very first-time individuals are posting messages like this. Early this year, when Facebook is doing some upkeep task with a sluggish web efficiency, people begin spreading out the reports that they are in fact erasing non-active account which is not real in the end. If you look after your buddies that they may have done foolish things on Facebook, do share this message with them.

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