How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook

How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook - As the web designer of a couple of sites, there's been a couple of celebrations where I awakened to see a post was shared out on Facebook, went viral and my site traffic surged from it.

The majority of the time when a post goes viral, it's a current post. However, there's been times a post some months old catch on. Whatever the case, I'm constantly curious where and why these posts were shared out. So I'll do some light examination where it at first was shared, who shared it and why.

I'm searching for "Sharer Absolutely no" if you will.

So how can one see who shared your link on Facebook initially and how do you track who has shared your Facebook page post considering that?

How Do I See Who Shared My Post on Facebook?

This concern has shown up on Facebook's Aid area over and over and over and over once again, so you're not alone. The short answer exists's nobody simple method to see everybody who shared your post, sadly.

No matter what some third-party business state, you simply cannot simply plug in into their tool and get the complete image. Learning who shared your post on Facebook is going to take some work and research study. If you're diligent enough you can discover * some * info.

Here are four methods to discover where your post was shared:

1. Facebook: Browse by Post Title: This is your best option. Usage Facebook search. Browse your title or words from the title and Facebook will reveal you a list of users, pages or groups who have shared that link.
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How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook

2. Facebook: Browse by URL: Plug the URL of the shared post into Facebook Browse. Facebook does not browse URLs per se, however, in some cases, URLs are shared within the post material as mine did.

How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook

3. Google: Browse by Post Title: This action resembles # 1, so browsing on Google normally will not yield any brand-new Facebook info. However, you might discover other sites that have discussed your post. Plug in the post title in between quotes for a specific match search and see if the search yields any brand-new outcomes. If it does, do some more research study on the website around the reference of that title. If the website has a Facebook page or Group, you might have the ability to see whether they have shared out the post.

How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook

4. Facebook: Browse by Keyword: This one is a stretch, however often the sharer might alter the title of the Facebook post when they share it out or produces their special summary. If they do, browsing on the core terms and distinct points within your post might yield something that the URL or title might not.

* Personal Privacy Matters When Tracking Facebook Shares

The primary barrier to discovering where your post was shared is the personal privacy settings of where it was shared. The success of the actions above depends upon whether the shared link originated from individuals, pages or groups that were published openly or independently. Clearly, public posts are accessible to all (even Google). Usually, personal posts are just seen if you're a good friend of the individual that shared the post or a member of that page or group.

So you discovered Sharer no ...

How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook

The bright side is if find Sharer No, whether it's because they shared openly or you are rather related to them, you'll get the insight you're searching for. From that post, you can inform the number of times it's been "shared."

For my most recent viral post, “Sharer Zero” was a page I was a member of, so I was easily able to tell where the virality started from. I clicked on the “shares” link and was able to view all the secondary public shares: How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook

How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook