How To Edit Thumbnail On Facebook

Are you among those blog writers who are making the video for your blog site? If you have submitted the video just on YouTube, you are losing out one huge marketing channel for your video. Facebook is paying additional focus on a video published on Facebook, and you may observe a boost in the variety of videos on your Facebook wall. How To Edit Thumbnail On Facebook

The point is, ensure that you likewise publish your videos on Facebook. It's an excellent recommendation to keep your video in less than 3 minutes to obtain more views, however, if you resemble me who are doing video tutorials, yon can disregard the time-limit suggestion.

How To Edit Thumbnail On Facebook

While Facebook is making it's platform more friendly or video blog writers and uploader, and there is a long method to make it the ideal location like YouTube. In the meantime, there are the couple of things which you can do to increase the possibility of getting more views on Your uploaded Facebook video, and among them is; choosing the thumbnail of your video.

An excellent thumbnail will capture more eye-balls, and for this reason, you will get more views on your uploaded videos. In this guide, I will share how you can modify and pick your Facebook video thumbnail
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Overview of choosing Facebook video thumbnail:

Unlike Youtube, on Facebook you cannot submit a custom-made video thumbnail. (Facebook now supports custom-made thumbnail function for videos). Your only choice is to choose from the ten thumbnails which Facebook choose arbitrarily. One recommendation which I wish to offer you here is, include your image within the video at the time of modifying and before production. By doing this, you are most likely to develop a thumbnail which will have terrific CTR.

If you have done it with earlier videos, then it's fantastic else start doing it from your next video In the meantime, lets take a look at the actions which you have to follow to choose video thumbnail of the Facebook video.

Go to your Facebook video and play it. At the bottom click choices > edit video.

How To Edit Thumbnail On Facebook

On the next page, you will see an alternative to choose video thumbnail from 10 thumbnails. This is where you can pick the video thumbnail which will reveal on videos page of your Facebook or on the timeline of your readers.

How To Edit Thumbnail On Facebook

I want to see the customized thumbnail choice in Facebook videos, however, for now, this is the only method you can enhance your Facebook video and get more eyeballs.

Update: Facebook Added Custom-made Thumbnail choice for Videos

Hey Guys,

Facebook now supports customized thumbnail for videos, and you can include it after submitting the video. Here is a screenshot for the same:

How To Edit Thumbnail On Facebook

You can modify your old videos & include customized thumbnail to them too. Certainly a fantastic and waited for function.

To make most from Facebook video thumbnail, I suggest you produce the thumbnail before and include it in the video in the edition part. Remember to include introduction and outro to your videos to make the most of the video branding. If you do not have an introduction for your videos, you can get one for just $5 after reading this guide.

You can take a look at videos submitted by me on ShoutMeLoud Facebook page over here. If you wish to share any pointer for optimizing Facebook videos, do show me through remarks. Remember to share this idea with others on Facebook by sharing this short article. How To Edit Thumbnail On Facebook