How To Edit A Comment On Facebook

How To Edit A Comment On Facebook, Formerly, when you slipped up, you needed to get rid of remarks from Facebook by clicking the "X" that appeared in the upper right when you hovered over the remark, .

Wasn't that irritating? I'm a perfectionist and dislike making typos, so I invested excessive time getting rid of remarks and rewording them. You too?

How To Edit A Comment On Facebook
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How To Edit A Comment On Facebook

Now that "X" has ended up being the Edit pencil icon!

  • Click the Edit pencil icon and modify to your heart's material.
  • Struck "Return" to publish your edited remark.
  • Click "Esc" to cancel the edit, and your remark will stand the same.

I have heard this is still in the phases of presenting. Do you have the capability to modify a talk about Facebook? I do! Assist me to track the development by letting me understand if you can modify a Facebook remark yet.