How To Delete Messages From Facebook

So you have discovered how to delete messages from Facebook till now, however how about deleting all messages simultaneously rather of removing them one by one? Sadly, Facebook does not enable deleting all messages at a time however rather; you can utilize some web browser extensions to perform this action. A variety of Google Chrome extensions exist that lets you remove all discussions effortlessly, and we'll inform you more about them. Erasing Facebook messages one by one bores job. Rather utilize listed below tools to delete them together when you do not require it

how to delete messages from facebook

How To Delete Messages From Facebook

Facebook Quick Erase Messages

Facebook Quick Erase Messages is a Google Chrome extension for deleting all Facebook messages at the same time. This extension includes a button to Facebook messages to quick delete messages which conserve a great deal of your day from eliminating each discussion one by one. Furthermore, it likewise includes a button to single messages for deleting messages one after one, so you can utilize it inning accordance with your benefit. To download the Facebook Quick Erase Messages extensions go to.
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Facebook-- Erase All Messages

Facebook- Erase All Messages is another Chrome extension that permits you to delete all Facebook message at a time. After downloading this extension, an icon will show in your Google Chrome web browser which, on clicking, will turn up a navigation bar in your web browser window. To utilize this extension, you ought to follow the actions listed below:

  • Download the Facebook- Erase All Messages extension.
  • Go to
  • Click the extension icon above your Chrome web browser.
  • Click Release or Compatibility mode on the above navigation bar.
  • Erase the messages.

Delete All Facebook Chats

Delete All Facebook Messages is another alternative tool to eliminate all Facebook messages. Utilizing this extension is incredibly easier, and it removes all your Facebook messages with a single click.

  • Get the Erase All Facebook Messages extension.
  • Go to
  • Click the extension icon.
  • A pop-up messages will appear 'Erase all messages altogether?' Click 'Ok'.
  • Click 'Ok' once again, and all your Facebook messages will be removed.

Erase All Facebook messages

Another Google Chrome extension that includes an 'Erase All' button to your Facebook messages. This extension lets you remove all discussions with a single click and will not take much of your time. You can download the extension, and this will include the button to your Facebook messages.