How To Be Anonymous On Facebook

With 1.23 billion regular monthly users, all your buddies, family members, and their pet dogs are on Facebook. While some individuals might invite the attention of a thousand spying eyes, others might wish to keep a rather lower profile and their conceal their real identities.

By changing your personal privacy settings, you can not just lower the number and kind of individuals that can see your profile, however likewise avoid a lot of the spam welcomes and invasive notices that adversely affect Facebook's user experience. Here are how to be anonymous on Facebook.

How To Be Anonymous On Facebook

1. Visit Facebook

how to be anonymous on facebook

2. Open the settings menu from the fall in the leading right.

anonymous facebook login

3. Utilize the edit tab to alter your name. From here you can likewise change your associated e-mail and vanity URL.

surf facebook anonymously

4. Hover over the cover picture in your profile to change or eliminate it. Why trouble to alter your name if individuals can still see your face?

how to join facebook and remain anonymous

5. Return to settings and choose the personal privacy tab left wing. This location is essential for altering who can see your posts send you good friend demands and how other online search engines note your profile.
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6. Modification "Who can see my things" to "Just Me" and "Who can call me" to "Good friends of Pals.".

facebook page anonymous admin

7. Select Timeline and Tagging from the menu on the left.This will avoid others from tagging you in images and occasions, so your employer cannot see exactly what occurred throughout last weekend's massive celebration.

8. Modification "Who can publish on your timeline" and "Who can see posts you have been tagged in on your timeline" to "Just Me.".

how to be anonymous on facebook posts

9. Select the Obstructing tab.

10. Go into the names of particular users you want to obstruct. This will assist avoid any cyber-stalking by limiting or entirely blocking specific individuals from seeing your profile. This is likewise valuable for closing down the pal who continuously spams you with app welcomes.

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