Find Hidden Messages On Facebook

More readers call me through Facebook than another online forum, including my TU e-mail address. Just recently, I discovered a couple of lots messages I had never seen.

how to find secret conversations on facebook

They didn't spam, and the majority of were from local individuals with concerns, story concepts, Aras, compliments or criticisms. I now inspect that folder daily and pluck a minimum of 2 positive offer messages out a day.

Find Hidden Messages On Facebook

Find Hidden Messages On Facebook

I'm thinking some you might unknown this exists, either, however here's how you can discover it:.

  1. Click the little message icon on the top, right-hand side of your screen when you're logged into Facebook.

  2. " Current" will be highlighted. Move your cursor to "message demands" and click that. You might discover some words therein, although that's not the folder I'm speaking about.

  3. Scroll down to "see filtered demands." Therein, you'll see an entire host of messages Facebook considers as spam, although numerous are not.

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